Tuesday, November 30, 2010


That is life. Sometimes, I think its funny but it is worth thinking off . It is nature and this is what I call the mystery of life. I have never stopped to think but it unfolds every second. Some of which we are witnesses, others we only hear on the world news networks.

In this world;
Whiles bush burning is becoming the order of the day in some countries, natives of other countries are busily planting trees with the aim of greening their environment.

Whiles companies are laying off because of credit crunch, others are employing.

Whiles some people are sad, others are busily making merry.

Some relationships are broken whiles others are busily falling in love.

Whiles people are afraid to build because of the earthquake in Haiti, Dubai now boast of the world tallest building.

Whiles there are wars in some countries, other countries are busily signing peace agreements.

There are shortages of water in other countries whiles others experience flood and are fed up with God.

People are being taken to the morgue or mortuary whiles others are happily returning home from the maternity ward with their newly born bady.

Whiles some married couples are childless and their marriage is about to hit the rock, another couple have about six to eight children but they are all disrespectful and a nuissance to the community in which they live.

Others are dying whiles new ones are being born.

It can go on and on and on but never forget that whiles man continue to sin, God keeps loving us and forgiving us.
That is life. What we need is patience and trust in God.It may not go well for you today but trust God for a better tommorrow.
Its nice to wish for something but don't worry if you dont have it because you don't know what having that might have done to you. Trust God. He knows what you need at each and every second to put that smile on your face.

Why worry? Leave all to God and stop the thinking. God bless you.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


As I said when I posted the rehearsal pictures, it was a day I will never trade for silver. Not even gold. What a day!!!!!

The programme went on well as planned and thanks to God. After the first one was cancelled, there were mixed feelings among everybody and we all doubted it when a new day was fixed. The question we asked was, how can you organise such a programe on mid-week? Will people even attend it? On wednesday, the programe was to start by 6pm but to the Glory of God, by 4pm, the venue was almost filled to capacity. People were already in a queue at the entrance waiting to get their tickets checked so they can enter.

I can't describe it. The place was filled far above our expectations. It brought worshipers together. The supprise personality there was the former President of Ghana, Flt. Lt Jerry John Rawlings and according to him, the song that attracted him was Mercy said no. Also present were ministers of state. After the programe, politics was lost and both supporters of the ruling party and the opposition came together. That is the power of worship.

Before Cece came on stage, local artist we on stage to perform. They performed to the Glory of God and placed us all in the mood waiting for Cece. Finally, she came out and for the noise and shouting, I can't really describe. She engaged the audience in a sing along. It was really a nice performance and to the Glory of God. Time spent there was never lost. The whole place was electrified and wished all my readers were present. The best testimony on the performance will be seeing it yourself but it was really a blessing.

After the performance, she went to visit the Cape Coast castle on Thursday with the family and the team and was seen off at the airport but she promised to come anytime she is invited.
Big thanks to the Almighty God for making it possible. Thanks to the organisers, the Multimedia Group Limited and Adom 106.3 fm, Cece and her group, all the local artist, the media, the audience and all my blog readers.


Stay blessed and expect more pictures on the flickr page soon.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Cece arrived in Ghana on on Tuesday 16th Novenber 2010 at about 2 oclock in the afternoon. She came with her husband, son and her band.

The programe is on the 17th of November and we are looking forward to a blessed time with her in the presence of God.

Some rehearsal pictures but more to follow soon;

Stay blessed.

Thursday, November 04, 2010


Saturday October 30th was a blessed day in Ghana. Sonnie Badu, a gosple singer came to Ghana for a worship night. I really had a nice time and everybody who made it am sure was blessed too. He has songs like Baaba, Covenant Keeping God, The worshipers cry, Adonai etc to his credit.

Meanwhile, Cece Winnans visit to Ghana has now been scheduled for the 17th of this month[November], 2010. We pray everything moves on perfectly as planned and I look forward to get some memorable moments to share as well.

Please click on the memorable moments section of the blog at the top left to view some pictures and sorry if the shots are not best. I will improve. [lol]

Stay blessed.