Friday, February 26, 2010


The story of Job in the Bible is a story with lot of lessons. From now till somewhere in march, I would like us to learn some of the lessons found in Job so we apply it to our chrisitan lifes.
We shall start from Job chapter 1. In this chapter, the Bible teaches us that Job was a perfect and upright man and one that feared God and eschewed evil.What a man? Anyway, you can see that he was blessed with children and a lot of animals and the Bible tells us he was the greatest of all the men of the east (vs 3). The chapter 1 talks mainly about his wealthiness to the begining of his suffering. The questions and the lessons in this chapter are;
1. The bible describes him as a perfect and upright man that eschewed evil(vs 1). What of us? How upright and perfect are we and how smart are we to eschew evil in todays modern world?
2. Imagine having all those riches and animals and being the greatest man in America, Asia, Afica, your office or family or wherever you come from. How will you feel? Are you going to be proud? Will you help the poor or you will keep them to yourself?
3. How often do you pray for your sons? Look at vs 5. Job knew in the midst of joy, his sons may say things ungodly so he made sacrifices and prayed on their behalf. Do we do that? How often do we pray on behalf of our family, children, employers, friends etc?
4. Should satan go before God to ask permission to destroy us, how sure do we think God will be about us? Can God boldly give us out for a second without us turning our back on Him? Is our faith that strong that God can use us for an "experiment" as He did to Job? I don't know your name now but can God say to satan, hast thou considered my servant William, Worlasi or daughter Natalie, Josephine etc? Just put your name there and ask yourself. Can God withness about your faithfulness to Him to the devil?
5. Look at the last verse in chapter 1. In times of trouble and difficulties, what do you say to God? The first thing Job did was to worship God after which he said "Naked I come........" (vs 20-22). What would have been your first word or action if you loose all those riches and children?

To be continued........

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The fruit of the spirit as spelt out clearly in Galatians 5:22-23 are Love, Joy,Peace, Temperance,Meekness, Faith, Goodness, Gentleness and Longsuffering.
Longsuffering in other words mean patience or bearing something or a condition usually negetive for a long time. To me, it has been one of the fruits we always find difficut to bear, eat or make manifest in our lives.
We all have needs and I agree some are very pressing but we should have patience. Sometimes, we get angry at God when we present our needs to Him through prayer and does not receive answers immediately. We must learn to be patient, endure and wait upon God. Sometimes we must just wait a little longer. The word the Bible used was not shortsuffering for us to say the time should be short but the Bible said longsuffering. We may need any of the following; money for school or to pay rent, marriage, children or even a neighbour may be hating you for no cause and everything may seem to go wrong but we must learn to endure and when the positives are not coming despite our fervent prayer through fasting, we must still wait. The fact that the Bible says God will supply our needs according to His riches and that silver and gold are His does not mean when you are a christian, you will never face difficulties. At what age did Abraham and Sarah have a son? One thing we should know as christians is that, God has a time table for averyone. Unlike the time tables we have for our college lessons, God's time table may be slow but He is sure to cover everything in it concerning our lives. Even God has patience for us whenever we go wrong (Psalm 145:8-9).All we must learn to do is to have patience for after the suffering like the picture of Christ on the left which is a perfect example is abundant joy.
stay blessed.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


This week went into my diary on a different note because I was struck down with some bad cold and headache but thanks be to God who still found me useful and kept me alive to write this post. Am fine now by the grace of God and hope you are also doing well. That is how life is. Sometimes when things seem to go bad, in the mist of sickness and troubles, that is when the grace finds you. There is a good side in every bad situation so don't loose hope. Just look at Jesus Christ, He was born in a manger which was bad for someone who was to save the world from sins and I think you agree with me saving the world was a very good side of Jesus Christ. The Roman soldires also killed Jesus Christ thinking they are ending His reign but unknown to them, they were actually helping Him achieve His aim on earth. Another example is when we miss flights. We get angry at ourselves only to hear that the flight crashed into the sea after take off. It happens everyday in different situations. Were you once angry and cursed your stars simply because you were either sacked from work, your wife not preparing that delicious meal you asked her to, your church pastor asking you to fast the whole day, the food you bought by the road side accidentally pouring away, your car or van developing a fault just when you needed it most? I really needed my week badly because I have an impending exams to write and yet I only ended up sick. That is life but in all the war, you are sure to find peace somewhere, in the dark, you will find light, in troubles, there is a way somewhere and in the dust you have been asked to sweep as punishment lies the piece of gold that can change your life forever. All is not lost when things don't go as you disire. Keep the faith, trust in God and keep praying for a better tomorrow.

Monday, February 15, 2010


This is the continuation of my blog titled " HELP ME DECIDE PLEASE" but I feel I should call this " TIME IN HIS PRESENCE" instead. For your records, I said yes to the proposal so am now seriously in a relationship. The name of my love is Jesus Christ and we had a nice time yesterday the 14th of February popularly known as valentines day.
I would have missed millions if I had stayed at home and not gone to church. The preacher woman blessed me with the teachings for the day which was taken from the book of Exodus chapter 34 verses 29-30 which talks about the experience Moses had after an encounter with God on Mount Sinai. The Bible makes us understand that the skin of his face shone and the verse 30 continues to tell us even Aaron and all the children of Isreal were afraid to come near him.
A quick look at Luke chapter 9 verses 32-35 also throws more light on the glory of God experienced by Peter, James and John after they woke up from their sleep on the mountain. These two passages clearly teaches us how quality time in Gods presence is like. Am begining to think that as Moses experienced in Exodus, excuse me to say there will be no need for a facial make-up if he was a lady because I don't think the glory of God will make your face shine with spots even if there should, I think it is for the glorification of God as in John the chapter 11 verses 4 but on a more serious note I think it is an experience we must all desire, spending quality time in His presence.
My valentine day celebration was something worth to remember with my new love. After church in the morning, I went home for some rest and went to church again. How lovely. Hope your valentine day was blessed too because mine was and I advise we should not be sleeping like Peter and co because they nearly missed something good. Don't you think so?

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I remember very well back in high school we used to mock at other students who never received any cards or gifts on valentine's day. Students who couldn't stand that devised a way which was to wrap up a gift or card, address it to themselves and leave it with the postman only to be delivered later to them at any social gathering so as to be recognised.
As I relaxed in the seat of the bus on my way to work today, I was a little bit at sea because I have now left school and still I don't have anyone standing by that I can count my hopes on to receive a gift from and we are just three days away from vals day. What am I going to do now? I can't just fall in love within three days just because of vals day but I need a card, gift or at least a message too. I need to feel loved. I need to feel I have somebody thinking about me too.
After mentally scanning through all my female friends and yet settling on none, I decided to give up only to receive a proposal the next second.
I heard a voice telling me He fell for me right from my mothers womb and that He even knew me before I was born but how possible can that be? He even said He always stands at my door and knock but I never open up so if I think He is lying, I should go and read Revelations chapter 3 verse 20.
We communicated at lenght within my mind and finally, He asked what I least expected; DO I LOVE HIM? I asked myself how on earth can a man fall in love with another man? I really told him there are a lot of beautiful ladies around so He should please go to them rather but He said no and that am the one He loves. He said he has done a lot to prove His love for me to the extent of Him dying on the cross for me and asked me to imagine the benefits I will get if I say yes.
He is not bad anyway. He is patient, cute, loving, handsome, rich, caring, providing just to mention but a few.
I don't really know what to do. Should I say yes to His proposal? Somebody help me please.

To be continued........

Monday, February 08, 2010


That is life. We have no other option but to accept it. It is nature and this is what I call the mystery of life. I have never stopped to think but it unfolds every second. Some of which we are withnesses, others we only hear on the world news networks.
In this world,
Whiles bush burning is becoming the order of the day in some countries, natives of other countries are busily planting trees with the aim of greening their environment.
Whiles companies are laying off because of credit crunch, others are employing.
Whiles some people are sad, others are busily making merry.
Some relationships are broken whiles others are busily falling in love.
Whiles people are afraid to build because of the earthquake in Haiti, Dubai now boast of the world tallest building.
Whiles there are wars in some countries, other countries are busily signing peace agreements.
There are shortages of water in other countries whiles others experience flood and are fed up with God.
People are being taken to the morgue or mortuary whiles others are happily returning home from the maternity ward.
Whiles some married couples are childless and their marriage is about to hit the rock, another couple have about six to eight children but they are all disrespectful and a nuissance to the community in which they live.
Others are dying whiles new ones are being born.
It can go on and on and on but never forget that whiles man continue to sin, God keeps loving us and forgiving us.
That is life. What we need is patience and trust in God.It may not go well for you today but trust God for a better tommorrow.
Its nice to wish for something but don't worry if you dont have it because you don't know what having that might have done to you.

To be continued............

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Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Sometimes, I feel down when things go bad in my life. There are times we need to do things over and over again to get them right. We end up becoming frustrated and angry at our own actions and inability to get it right first time. Sometimes we just quit.
The decision to quit is not bad but for some time now, I do ask myself if it is the best choice.
Challenging yourself to get things right opens us to a whole lot of options and knowledge. The sophisticated electronic gargets we see and use in our homes we not done at a go. Inventors of cars, computers or laptops, aircraft and the space shuttles etc that we see or admire took time and they never backed down from the challenge or their aim. We must keep trying. JUST ONCE MORE. Why have you decided to quit? Why are you sitting in the house thinking? Is it because the sixty companies you sent your application to did not call you even for an interview not to talk of offering you a job? Why have you decided to stop updating your blog? Is it because you feel no one reads and comments on your post? Why have you decided to stop giving to the poor? Is it because you don't receive even though the Bible says give and it shall be given unto you? Why don't you work hard any longer? Don't tell me its because your hard work is not noticed by those around you and most importantly, why have you putting a stop to praying? Don't tell me it is because you don't receive any answers from God.
Why don't you try once more? Why don't you try applying for the job once more? Why don't you just give once more? Why don't you just pray once more?
Success and perfection may not come within a day. Never forget that winners and successful men never quit and those who quit and loosers never win.