Thursday, February 18, 2010


This week went into my diary on a different note because I was struck down with some bad cold and headache but thanks be to God who still found me useful and kept me alive to write this post. Am fine now by the grace of God and hope you are also doing well. That is how life is. Sometimes when things seem to go bad, in the mist of sickness and troubles, that is when the grace finds you. There is a good side in every bad situation so don't loose hope. Just look at Jesus Christ, He was born in a manger which was bad for someone who was to save the world from sins and I think you agree with me saving the world was a very good side of Jesus Christ. The Roman soldires also killed Jesus Christ thinking they are ending His reign but unknown to them, they were actually helping Him achieve His aim on earth. Another example is when we miss flights. We get angry at ourselves only to hear that the flight crashed into the sea after take off. It happens everyday in different situations. Were you once angry and cursed your stars simply because you were either sacked from work, your wife not preparing that delicious meal you asked her to, your church pastor asking you to fast the whole day, the food you bought by the road side accidentally pouring away, your car or van developing a fault just when you needed it most? I really needed my week badly because I have an impending exams to write and yet I only ended up sick. That is life but in all the war, you are sure to find peace somewhere, in the dark, you will find light, in troubles, there is a way somewhere and in the dust you have been asked to sweep as punishment lies the piece of gold that can change your life forever. All is not lost when things don't go as you disire. Keep the faith, trust in God and keep praying for a better tomorrow.


  1. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog yesterday. I'm thrilled to hear that God used my post(s) to bless and encourage to you. He never ceases to amaze me.

    Glad you're feeling better too. =)

    All because of Jesus,

  2. You are welcome Cristina. Am fine as I said. God has been good to me and your post as I said has been a blessing too so as much as you can, keep writing.

    stay blessed