Friday, May 28, 2010


This mother was asked what she was doing on phone and she replied she was baby sitting and lo and behold, it was true because she was baby sitting as in the picture.

Anyway, I just wanted to put a smile on your face and wish you a very blessed and interesting weekend. In all things, acknowledge God and he will direct your path.

God bless us all.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Before we talk today, I think I have to give an update on my health. Am fine and much stronger and I thank you all for your prayers and comments.
In Ghana, one thing children love doing very much when you visit the rural areas in the evening is sitting around an elderly person listening to stories and today am going to tell you a story.

There once lived two friends in a village. Their names were Yaw and Atta. They were poor and had difficulties even providing for their families. Yaw who couldn't bear the living situation any longer decided to see a native doctor who after performing some rituals made Yaw the richest man in the village. Yaw had everything now and enhanced his social status within the village.
Atta his friend who couldn't stand the shame and the comparison people were doing with him decided to also visit the witch doctor. The native doctor told Atta he will turn him into a vulture for three days after which he can enjoy all his money. Atta agreed and was turned into a vulture. On the last day for him to be turned back into a human being, the native doctor died and Atta remained a vulture for the rest of his life.

What do we learn from this story?

Firstly, two people can be suffering from the same sickness but you will need different drugs or medicine to cure them. Let us stop the copying. We must learn to be unique in life. Someone was crying whiles praying and the pastor gave a prophecy about him or her. You also need a prophecy and because of this, you have also started crying whenever you are praying. Please be unique. Your case may be different.

Secondly, stop listening to people around you. They will surely talk. Atta shouldn't have listened to those around him. People can talk and they will talk but you need to be focused in life. Don't be like a piece of paper to be blown away by any wind.

And lastly, let us stop by-passing God. The native doctor died so why should you seek for help from someone who doesn't even know when he or she will die. Turn to God who has power over the witch hunter. Stay calm and pray to God. Work hard and God will surely reward you with riches you cannot count.

Have a blessed weekend

Monday, May 17, 2010


I don't want to conclude and describe the weekend as a bad weekend but it wasn't all that smooth.

During the weekend, I was very sick. I had a very bad headache and it was very worse on the saturday and sunday. I went to the office on saturday to do some studies but things were not turning out right for me. On sunday, I slept the whole day and was not able to attend church service in the morning.

Later in the evening I did my best to attend a Bible studies meeting. My mom is the worrying type therefore I did not tell her even though she asked me several times if everything was well with me.
Thankfully, am better by Gods grace and was able to come to work today even though there are some occasional cold and pains.

Hope you had a blessed weekend and did not miss out on church service as I did.

Have a wonderful week.
God bless us all.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Once again another special weekend is here with us and am very happy you and I are counted among the living. Its by Grace and God has been faithful to us.

We are going to complete our lessons from the parable of the talents today. Todays lesson is what we all know. WE SHALL BE REWARDED ACCORDING TO OUR DEEDS AND WORKS.

From the parable we are studying, the master gave a reward to his servants when he came back from his journey. The same will happen when our Lord Jesus returns in His Glory. We will be called to account for and be rewarded accordingly. It doesn't matter whether we were blessed with five, two or one talent. It will not matter whether you were blessed with five, two or one child.

Whatever we are doing, there is a reward. You feel you were cheated so you have decided not to work hard or you have enough money so you are "sowing on the land you should not sow", there is a reward for everything we are doing today.
Others never had the oppurtunity but we had it through Grace. Let us live a life of faith, hardwork, appreciation and love. Let us put into good use what we have been blessed with.

You will be rewarded as to how you used that beautiful sweet voice, money, patience, teaching skill etc that you were blessed with including your kids God gave you.
The good will be rewarded and so is the bad.

Thanks for reading always. I hope you were blessed and I thank God for that. I also thank you very much for your time and comments. They mean a lot to me. God bless you.
Have a blessed weekend.

Friday, May 07, 2010


Todays post which is also our weekend special will focus on the fouth lesson as we try to learn the lessons we can derive from the PARABLE OF THE TALENTS and motivate ourselves as best as we can.

GOD OR OUR MASTER KNOWS BEST is the title of todays lesson and we shall centre it on Matthew 25 verse 15. (Reading from the King James Version)," ................ to everyone according to his serveral ability".
This tells us clearly that the one we serve knows us well enough. He knows our weekness and our strenghts. In those early stages of our lifes when we were kids, our parents try so share things between we the children and sometimes I remember very well I cried because I felt I had the smallest portion.

God will never test us with temptations we can't overcome in life. He knows our abilities and He knows our end right from the begining. My friends, let us stop the complaining for a while and appreciate what we have. I think the last servant never appreciated what he was given hence he saw nothing good in what he had. For all we should know, the master already knows him to be lazy but still gave him the chance.

Our master knows us. He knows you very well. You feel God has not been fair to you because He gave you just one child and gave others three etc. I tell you today that He knows your abilities and I tell you He will never make a mistake of blessing you or giving you a task that is more than you can do.

Remember, a student in stage six will never be given a mathematics question belonging to a degree or masters students to solve by his teacher. His teacher understands and knows his students abilities. The same is our God.

Its time we stop the complaining and limit or stop the use of "why" when talking to God. He knows our abilities so instead, let us go to Him in prayer and ask Him to teach us how to effectively use things He has blessed us with.

God be with us all and have a blessed weekend.