Friday, May 14, 2010


Once again another special weekend is here with us and am very happy you and I are counted among the living. Its by Grace and God has been faithful to us.

We are going to complete our lessons from the parable of the talents today. Todays lesson is what we all know. WE SHALL BE REWARDED ACCORDING TO OUR DEEDS AND WORKS.

From the parable we are studying, the master gave a reward to his servants when he came back from his journey. The same will happen when our Lord Jesus returns in His Glory. We will be called to account for and be rewarded accordingly. It doesn't matter whether we were blessed with five, two or one talent. It will not matter whether you were blessed with five, two or one child.

Whatever we are doing, there is a reward. You feel you were cheated so you have decided not to work hard or you have enough money so you are "sowing on the land you should not sow", there is a reward for everything we are doing today.
Others never had the oppurtunity but we had it through Grace. Let us live a life of faith, hardwork, appreciation and love. Let us put into good use what we have been blessed with.

You will be rewarded as to how you used that beautiful sweet voice, money, patience, teaching skill etc that you were blessed with including your kids God gave you.
The good will be rewarded and so is the bad.

Thanks for reading always. I hope you were blessed and I thank God for that. I also thank you very much for your time and comments. They mean a lot to me. God bless you.
Have a blessed weekend.


  1. Speaking of rewards, I thought I'd reward you with the Sunshine award! I love how positive and encouraging your posts and comments are. God bless you, brother.

  2. Amen and thanks Sister Joycelyn and God bless you to for the time you make out to read and comment always. Appreciate it a lot and God bless you as well.