Friday, May 21, 2010


Before we talk today, I think I have to give an update on my health. Am fine and much stronger and I thank you all for your prayers and comments.
In Ghana, one thing children love doing very much when you visit the rural areas in the evening is sitting around an elderly person listening to stories and today am going to tell you a story.

There once lived two friends in a village. Their names were Yaw and Atta. They were poor and had difficulties even providing for their families. Yaw who couldn't bear the living situation any longer decided to see a native doctor who after performing some rituals made Yaw the richest man in the village. Yaw had everything now and enhanced his social status within the village.
Atta his friend who couldn't stand the shame and the comparison people were doing with him decided to also visit the witch doctor. The native doctor told Atta he will turn him into a vulture for three days after which he can enjoy all his money. Atta agreed and was turned into a vulture. On the last day for him to be turned back into a human being, the native doctor died and Atta remained a vulture for the rest of his life.

What do we learn from this story?

Firstly, two people can be suffering from the same sickness but you will need different drugs or medicine to cure them. Let us stop the copying. We must learn to be unique in life. Someone was crying whiles praying and the pastor gave a prophecy about him or her. You also need a prophecy and because of this, you have also started crying whenever you are praying. Please be unique. Your case may be different.

Secondly, stop listening to people around you. They will surely talk. Atta shouldn't have listened to those around him. People can talk and they will talk but you need to be focused in life. Don't be like a piece of paper to be blown away by any wind.

And lastly, let us stop by-passing God. The native doctor died so why should you seek for help from someone who doesn't even know when he or she will die. Turn to God who has power over the witch hunter. Stay calm and pray to God. Work hard and God will surely reward you with riches you cannot count.

Have a blessed weekend

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