Friday, May 07, 2010


Todays post which is also our weekend special will focus on the fouth lesson as we try to learn the lessons we can derive from the PARABLE OF THE TALENTS and motivate ourselves as best as we can.

GOD OR OUR MASTER KNOWS BEST is the title of todays lesson and we shall centre it on Matthew 25 verse 15. (Reading from the King James Version)," ................ to everyone according to his serveral ability".
This tells us clearly that the one we serve knows us well enough. He knows our weekness and our strenghts. In those early stages of our lifes when we were kids, our parents try so share things between we the children and sometimes I remember very well I cried because I felt I had the smallest portion.

God will never test us with temptations we can't overcome in life. He knows our abilities and He knows our end right from the begining. My friends, let us stop the complaining for a while and appreciate what we have. I think the last servant never appreciated what he was given hence he saw nothing good in what he had. For all we should know, the master already knows him to be lazy but still gave him the chance.

Our master knows us. He knows you very well. You feel God has not been fair to you because He gave you just one child and gave others three etc. I tell you today that He knows your abilities and I tell you He will never make a mistake of blessing you or giving you a task that is more than you can do.

Remember, a student in stage six will never be given a mathematics question belonging to a degree or masters students to solve by his teacher. His teacher understands and knows his students abilities. The same is our God.

Its time we stop the complaining and limit or stop the use of "why" when talking to God. He knows our abilities so instead, let us go to Him in prayer and ask Him to teach us how to effectively use things He has blessed us with.

God be with us all and have a blessed weekend.

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