Friday, April 30, 2010


We are still studying the lessons in the Parable of the Talents and we shall continue today with our third lesson.

We are going to talk today about OUR DECISIONS. The decisions we take each day goes a long way to affect us. The outcome may be positive or negative depending on what we finally settle on. Let us go back to our parable. The master after giving them the talents left them to make decisions their own decisions. Nothing was impossed on them and they were given all the liberty. The first two servants decided to trade or invest with their given talents. It was a decision they took and the last servant also decided to hide his talent.

The talent can be an ability, money or a special gift. Now, the questions I want us to ask ourselves are; What are we doing with our talents? What decisions have we taken concerning our talents? What decisions do we take in the midst of freedom?

Lets learn something here. There is one thing not doing anything at all with what you have been given and there is the other side of it which is doing something which does not yeild any profit. From the Parable, the third lazy servant did something. He dug a hole and hid the talent in it but what he did yeilded no results. If the talent given them was a seed for example, it may be that the third servant planted his seed on an unfertile ground or if it was money, then he planted the right seed on the wrong ground. The decisions of the first two to invest or work with their talents the right way yeilded positive results and they had more.

In our lives we decide. It may be in our relationships, marriages, business, investments, talents and abilities. We can still have the money but we may decide to invest it in the wrong company or business which at the end will reap no results or have the talents but still not use it at all.
What decision have you taken concerning the abilities, oppurtunities, money etc that you have? What is the outcome of what you have planned to do? Were others around you considered in your decisions? What decisions do you make in life?

Motivational Lesson: We reap what we sow.


  1. Ah decisions. =) I've always been told what to do and I'd do them. So when given a choice or two, I would always waver and want the person who is giving me the choice to pick it for me, because my goal was always to please them.

    Decisions describe my situation currently - I'm being given choices, but I have to choose for myself what's more profitable for not only me, but for my family.

    You've inspired me to do my best to make the right decision/ choices - thank you for this motivational lesson series =)

    Thanks for all the sweet comments as well! They are not just comments for me - but morsels of encouragement! God bless you! =)

  2. Pretty deep and direct. I have known the troubles that come with having to have a choice in the midst of freedom. They can sometimes lead to very unpleasant outcomes but over the time period, I have come to learn and understand that though God would always give us the freedom to do or choose as we wish, He in His wisdom gives us directives as to what would be best or most profitable.
    In the book of Isaiah, God said, the sun will cease to be our light and that He the Lord God Almighty Himself, would be our EVERLASTING LIGHT ... and I only know one thing, God's light would always reveal hidden treasures and solid grounds of establishment for us and our household.
    Praise be to God and thank you Worlasi for the share. God bless you!