Tuesday, April 06, 2010


The easter break was not hectic but it was full of blessings. Throughout the break, I listened to only one song and I know you already know it. The special "when its all been said and done" by Don Moen. Actually I have heard this song over some number of times but let me confess that listening to this song during the easter break was something new.

I was completely broken down. Thoughts started to run through my mind. I was completely carried away. There is a time when all shall surely be said and done in our lives. When we lie in our caskets with our hands on our chest, definately all we need to say have been said and done with respect to life. When we stop working in a company and move to a different one, all have been said and done with that company. What we did during life on earth or during our time in that company is what I mean by when all has been said and done.

The question is not how much you saved in your bank account during your life on earth neither is it how many cars you drove whiles on earth. All the treasures will be nothing. All that we have toiled for in the sun etc thinking we are doing something will be regarded as null and void. Acomplete waste of time.

Let us ask ourselves whether we have done our best to live for truth as the song says because that is the thing that matters and more importantly whether we have lived our lives for God. I listened to this song whiles asleep, studying, talking, washing etc and later it sounded like a voice talking to me instead of a song.

Its time we pray to God to teach us, tell us and define for us our duty on earth. As it is in life, if you really know what to learn, you don't waste precious time learning things that are "unecessary" during exams. So is it with Christianity. Know what is expected of us by God as christians and we don't waste time doing what may please man.

When all is said and done, there is just one thing that matters.
Did I do my best to live for truth, did I live my life for you(God).

Welcome back from the easter break.

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