Wednesday, April 28, 2010


(Continued from last weeks weekend special.......)

The first lesson we learnt from the parable of the Talent was that WE ARE ALL CAPABLE OF DOING SOMETHING. As much as we can, we try to link it to motivating ourselves and we concluded that God still sees us to be useful that is why He has kept us alive.

The second lesson we shall learn from this parable is that, OUR MASTER IS A MASTER OF SECOND CHANCE AND EQUAL OPPURTUNITIES.
From the parable, we all saw the third servant to be the lazy servant. The master knows all these servants and am sure He knows that the third servant was lazy but look at what He did, He gave him an equal oppurtunity to prove his worth. He gave him a second chance and gave him talents too.

Am sure the master has stayed with this servant and knows his lazy attitude but what He gives to the good, He equally blesses the bad with it. Always showing us that He still loves us and is ready to offer unto us oppurtunities to do something good with our lives.

At school,work,home, church etc, we may come accross some mouth watering oppurtunities that we let go easily. We thought we will never get it again only to be called and presented with the same oppurtunity. That is the beauty of our God. We must be good to both the good and the bad, the clean and the dirty, the weak and the strong. Our God knows us the way we are, whether lazy, hardworking, good, bad etc and He is ready to offer a a second chance in life.

Motivational lesson: Let us not think of our problems, lost oppurtunities, sickness or whatsoever because we serve a master of a second chance and equal oppurtunities.

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