Friday, January 29, 2010


Yes am not worthy and I will continue to say it over and over again anytime am given the chance to stand before the great white throne of God.
I remember very well when I used to attend children service as a child my teacher told me the wages of sin is death and any one who sins shall die.
I have really done some things in life that are indeed sinful before the sight of God. As a child, I stole and don't be supprised or pretend because we have in some way taken something that that does not belong to us maybe as a result of we needing it badly in the owners absence or using it without permision, insulted the elderly, got angry sometimes when I was sent and.... just name them. What my teacher told me never came to pass that I will die when I sin. Sometimes I wonder, how true is the Bible because am still alive today. During my tertiary education, the very things I swore not to do were the very things I did including anything you can think of except smoking.
If God was to go by what He said in the Bible, I would have been dead and turned back into soil and even no plant would have loved to grow at where I was burried BUT thanks be to God. He has been merciful to me. I owe Him a lot. God has really given me hope in life. He has accepted me in my sins and told me He has a purpose for me. He said I shall not die until I have fully finished the purpose for which He sent me.
When I was lost and thought all was gone, He appeared and told me not to worry because His Grace is sufficient for me(2nd Corinthians 12:9).
God is faithful and He is full of Love. He keeps His promises and is ready with open arms to welcome anyone no matter the wrongs you've done in life.
Life in God I can see is full of goodness even though I have not fully explored all the oppurtunities in Him.

Help me through this hymn.

Great is thy Faithfulness
Great is the Faithfulness
Morning by morning new mercies I see
All I have needed, thou hand hath provided
Great is thy Faithfulness Lord unto

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I was very much supprised when I entered the premises of this much talked about insurance firm. My friends, it was good and I must confess I have not seen or heard of any insurance firm of this nature ever.
Among the areas you are insured are Life, against death, future, marriage, education, Long life, happiness, safety, Hope, Love and anything you can think off. An insurance company whose manager never sleeps nor slumber, who has already paid your premium even years ago before you were born, etc.
The manager is very loving, He cares for your needs, He gives you Hope when you are hopeless, gives you peace in times of troubles, remains faithful even when you were unfaithful to Him at the time of filling your insurance form.
Claims are fast and there are no delays at all. Claims are paid from the first day you apply and unlike other insurance companies I know where you are being paid when something happens to you, this insurance company am talking of rather protect you from anything happening to you seven days a week.
You don't actually pay any money or premium but you get value for your money.
It is in no rush to compete with any other companies but it tops the insurance rating table when the ratings comes every out every month.
It got to a time I personally became confused and asked myself how the company is going to make profit and secure funds to pay its workers but the manager told me "ALL THE SILVER AND GOLD THAT WE RUSH FOR ON THIS EARTH ARE HIS". What does this man mean? I opted to see the CEO but I was told no one can see the CEO unless through His son who is the manager.
To be insured with this company, you need not fill any forms. Just be sincere to yourself, accept you are a sinner, confess your sins and believe in the manager who mentioned His name to be JESUS CHRIST that is all. NO PAPER WORK, SIMPLE , NO DOWN PAYMENT AND IT TAKES ONLY A MINUTE. WHY NOT JOIN NOW?

Monday, January 25, 2010


It is a bright new day and I can already feel the blessings God has stored up for you and me in the month of Feruary.
I will be talking this time about forgiveness. I know sometimes it is very difficult to forgive one another. Sometimes, the pain is just too much to forget about. We read it in the Bible always, "God created man in His own image" but sometimes, the pain fellow men leave behind after dealing with us is difficult to forget and forgive them and I tend to ask myself, are these people created in the image of God? I just can't imagine God creating someone in His image and likeness for the one to be that wicked to me.

As human, we will surely find it difficult to forgive sometimes but as much as we could, we should try our best to forgive one another anytime we are being offended.
It does happen to me sometimes but what I really ask myself after keeping that pain in my heart is the benefits afterwards. The person offends you sometimes knowingly and at other times unknowingly and leaves with a free mind. You keep all the pain in you waiting for a perfect time to pay him or her back in his or her own coin.
What about you just forgiving the one and going forward to explain things to him or her peacefully suggesting a better way for things to be done or a better way to approach you next time?
It may be difficult but I don't think it will cost us anyhing if we forgive one another.

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Friday, January 22, 2010


To make a great impact in life, one needs to go beyond his or her boarders. Sometimes, we feel down and loose focus at the little hurdle that comes our way leading to our backing out from any challenge. Whatever the case may be, the best source of motivation I have come accross in my life is myself. There are a host of motivation books flying on the market with a lot of motivational speakers organising seminars around but I tell you none of their books or speaches go without first telling you to renew your mind.
Your way of thinking has a great effect on your output or results . Think as a looser and forever shall you dwell among loosers. When down or disappointed in life, the first remedy is to change your way of thinking. Think positive but that does not mean do not consider the what if's of your decision.

You can see a motivational speaker or read inspirational books but if you don't change your way of thinking and think as a winner or change your way of tackling issues, forever will you remain the same.
Countries have boundries that is why we need visas and other documents to travel to such countries but I tell you, your thinking capacity has no limit. Feel free to think into any country of your choice.
The more options you have, the better your chances.

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If you have been expecting something from God and it seems to delay, the solution may be among the following;

1. Ask yourself if you have seeked first the kingdom of God because it is after this that ALL other things shall be added. (Matthew 6:33)
2. Have you really asked? (Matthew 7:7)
3. I think sometimes there is absolutely no need to be asking for only such riches from God when He gives you the chance to. (1 Kings 3:5-13)
4. Maybe you just did not ask in His name. (John 14:13, 15:16)
5. Do you love God yourself? (Romans 8:28)
6. I think God is preparing you for something bigger. Just endure the delay and you will be amazed at the results. (2 Corinthians 4:17)
7. Maybe you just don’t give or you usually give expecting something in return.For all I know, it is when you give that you receive and God also loves a chearful giver.

Have you faithfully answered them? How do you rate yourself? Why not make the necessary corrections and try again?

To be continued.........

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Education is very necessary in our lives. After all the Bible even tells us to study to show ourselves approved( 2 Timothy 2 vs 15) but unto God(not man) even though the same Bible says in Ecclesiastes 12 vs 12 that "........... and much study is a weariness of the flesh." With the Bible not making mention of degrees in criminal justice, finance or accounting qualification, one is free to choose whether to secure his or her educational qualifications either through online while doing the learning at home or on the campus.
With the current financial problems, I feel the global financial warming at every nook of my room to the extent that the aircondition can even bear witness.
Parents do their best to educate their children to the highest level at least to attain their college diploma, degree or even MBA. With the almighty Amity university allowing for the study MBA with blessed scholarship oppurtunities offered all around, it is still sad when you come across families especially in some part Africa who take their dinner without excuse me to say a tail of the fish in the soup to give some protien simply because all the money saved has been used to pay school fees so that the child will have a better future one day.
After spending all the working years trying to get the qualifications needed, its supprising when one comes out of an interview room with a long face depicting his or her inability to secure a much desired job simply because he or she has no years of working experience.
I just don't understand this. I know the company is neither for my dad nor myself but is it necessary employers demand working experience before employing? Upon all the MBA, degree, Mcips, diploma, Doctorate degree etc, do we still need a working expeience before giving hope to employees or job seekers? Universities such as the Open University offer open arms to welcome students each year and students pass out with great grades but these employers sometimes kill our dreams.
People have worked for many years but keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Sometimes, you even feel there is no need for schooling because the main aim after schooling can't be attained simply because you don't have a working experience.
Sometimes, I understand these employers because they expect you to poduce results and plung right into effective work when employed right away which is not bad at all because work can't come to a halt just because of your inexperience and they can't risk that.

The question I want to ask here is that, who should risk it and employ a fresh student from university or college only to gain the experience for you to employ him or her? Why will employers not just give fresh college and university graduates a chance to have the necessary skills needed and motivate them to have the necessary experience so they stay with them forever?


She entered without knocking and offered herself a seat. I had no option but as I was about to speak, she asked me why I have decided to change from is to was?
The begining of every relationship is lovely and interesting and it is the wish of partners to continue forever but beware of the following you guys. The earlier you remove these cobwebs from your love life, the better.
The first important thing all men need to know is ladies love guys or men who make time for them. They don't take excuses if you are always going to work and relegating them to the bottom of your priorities. They expect you to be available anytime they call on you and also to back them anytime they found themselves in a debate even when they are wrong. If you know they are wrong, back them in public and correct them in secret. Give all your time to your partner without working and the next minute, they will brand you as a lazy man who can't even put a three course meal on the family dinning table.

Secondly, if you are a guy who loves to say the last word in every discussion, please desist from that because women loves to have the last words always and that is final. After they speak, case close. Any word from the man starts a new debate and argument and if you are not careful, you will never sleep to have enough rest for work the next day.

They love to make fun and pull your legs but beware when replying or else, you will cook your own breakfast the following morning.

Fellow men, when you are indoors and you hear a knock on the door, you are expected to open the door within some reasonable time of period. Failure to do so raises eye brows and she begins smell a rat.

What of sending her a text message on her phone at reasonable times during the day(over doing it may seems like you are blogging on her phone) , ending every conversation with 'I love you", playing with the baby whiles she does the cooking or washing, telling her how special she is all the time, complaining less, admitting your wrongs, finding it easy to say AM SORRY to ask for her fforgivness anytime you go wrong, arranging to go for holidays away from home together, being open and not keeping all things to yourself thinking you are handling it as a man, buying her present on odd days and not only when it is her birthday, planting a lovely kiss on on her forehead when waking up from bed(of course not when you know very well you did not brush your teeth when going to bed that evening and you have some left over pizza stored up in there), being smart to know her needs and providing her with it before she ask for, making her number one on your scale of preference etc?

A relationship that is full of love, happiness, etc IS one that needs recommendation and what we all aspire for or else, the story will change to a relationship that WAS..........

How do you feel when someone you love dearly decides to turn down your proposal?
You feel you are carrying the whole earth huh?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Seeing the world as a global village and the way we all run to our friends aid whenever other countries face difficulties with what is happening in Haiti as an example,I was thinking of having a WORLD PRESIDENT instead of the every country having its own president.

What if we opt for a world president with his or her representatives in other countries reporting to him or her?
Do you think the wars will still go on?
What of proper utilization of recourses and resource allocation?
But whatever the challenges you may raise we may face, the question I want to ask is that simple.
First, looking at the current great world leaders, who should be the world president?
Secondly, in which country should his office be?

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Suddenly, I stopped thinking about tomorrow. I actually stopped thinking about the future not even the next minute. The whole world came to a stand still.
I don't actually know your religious background as you read this blog but do you believe in the second coming of the "King of the Jews" as it was inscribed on His cross? Recent occurances in the world actually does not only put fear in us but leave us with a lot of questions that we can't really answer ourselves.
God loves all mankind and the Bible says He loves sinners the more but I think the recent earthquake in Haiti tells a different story. The Bible tells us about things we should expect when the world is coming to an end and severe earthquakes was an integral part of that. Even if what happened in Haiti is anything to go about religiously, the question is why did God decide to use Haiti when the country is already going through economic hardships?

What of the ongoing wars and other strange things going on in other countries?
Does these strange happenings ring any bell to you irrespective of your religion?
Am actually confused but are we safe?
The earthquake hoax in Ghana on the dawn of Monday 18th January 2010 may be funny but hmmm. Do you know how I was dressed when I jumped out of bed and came out of my room on that "faithful" dawn?
But am confused. Was it supposed to be an earthquake or it was supposed to be a buildingquake because people came out of their rooms and stood outside. Am just wondering if they think where they were standing was not part of the earth. Sound funny....
Why don't we all seek this man people say is the saviour? I learnt His name is Jesus Christ. You can have your freedom though if you don't need Him but have you heard people saying the world is going to come to an end in 2012? what do you make of the earthquake, wars and difficulties the world is going through now? Should we start believing all the "stories" about the world coming to an end in 2012?

Friday, January 15, 2010


A new year,

A new begining,

Great expectations with great aspirations,

Change in attitudes filled with love and patience towards fellow man

MY PRAYER.........................

Dear God, thank you for putting a seal on me and my friends to stay alive to see this year.

We are grateful for all you did for us in the previous year and we say we appreciate them a lot.

We pray commiting this new year into your care. We are human and therefore we seek for understanding from above and strenght to walk through this new year.

We pray for your presence in all that we do or say. Please season our lips so that words that comes out will be of blessing to others and encouragement to the discouraged.

In the previous year, you loved us oh Lord even when we were full of hate for you,

You were faithful unto us even when we were still unfaithful towards you,

Your love never departed from us.

Please God, see us through this new year and beyond.

My friends are in your care. Continue to bind us together and make us faithful to each other.

Bless us oh Lord and never let thy words depart from us as you thought us to pray and say;

Our father

Which art in heaven

Hallowed be thy name

Thy kingdom come

Thy will be done on earth

As it is in heaven

Give us this day our daily bread

And forgive us our trespasses

As we forgive those who trespass against us

And lead us not into temptation

But deliver us from evil, for thine is the Kingdom

The power and the Glory

Forever and ever



With a note book in hand, one is expected to utilise all pages when one pays a visit to Ghana during the christmas period through to the new year. Ghana is a country in West Africa with lots of history. A country characterised by the giving of gifts where one is not expected to reject any gift given to hm or her, people share gifts ranging from live goats through to a plate of rice with one wing of a fowl.

Brisk business begins in my country Ghana especially from the 24th of December through to the 1st January of the new year. A country where citizens are known for their warm hospitality, a new year is welcomed like welcoming a new born baby with prayers and fun.

It is also a time for most media houses to harvest all that eluded them during the year besause advertising shall be on the increase with companies selling chicken and even churches advertising for what I call "floating christians". Listen to a radio station, watch a television station or walk through a busy street in Ghana and you will either hear churches saying the things you should expect in the coming year when one worships with them on the new year eve.

This is the time the " big english" lovers come to town. Banners fly with insciptions such as " 2010 my year of blessings, Enter your blessings in 2010, Crossover 2010, etc.

On the 31st of December, popularly reffered to as "31st watch night service' one is expected to attend church service. Service start from 7:30 pm and is expected to come to an end on the 1st of January the following day around 2:00am at dawn. Unlike other countries where people stand on the street to watch fire works ect to welcome the new year, Ghanaians are well noted for attending church service on this day. Prayers are said with all seriousness and I think even though God sees what we do everyday, this is the time He gets a second chance to listen to all the sins one commited during the year.

When you visit Ghana and you found yourself at a church service, just moniter the following especially during prayers. Prayers are said aloud when the prayer topic is pray for your country, your work, friend etc. Immediately the prayer topic changes to pray and ask for forgiveness of sins or pray and bring your needs before the Lord, the room dies out quietly. People pray at a low tone now and make sure one standing or sitting by does not hear the list of sins as that are being rolled out.

Back to the 31st wacth night service, ghanaians attach a lot of seriousness to this service. As for new year resolutions, only God can tell. People who did not attend church service through-out the passing year found themselves at church praying to God. Thank God He is ever welcoming or else............. Like a guy making promises to his newly found girlfriend, ghanaians make a lot of promises to God especially regarding their sins. Smokers promise to stop smoking, armed robbers promises to lay down their working tools, as for those who rape innocent victims, one cant find any other source of happiness when they declare a new attitute to have their pants on at all times. As for politicians, we leave that to God because..................

Pastors and Ministers of God are always busy on such important nights. Those who find themselves in churches expect men of God or leaders of the service to pour prophecies upon prophecies on them. People expect to hear things such as " on the coming year, you will buy a car, build a house, get a promotion at work, get money and when I say money, I mean money and the last but not the least, if you are a ghanaian having a relative abroad but do not hear from him or her, if the man of God prophesy that your relative will come and take you away with him or her or you will travel overseeas in the coming year, you are the king of the service even when the country is Togo that can be entered into from Ghana even on foot.

Life in the morning of the 1st of January every year is interesting. People meet each other on the street and great " Afehyia pa" meaning happy new year and the response is usually "Afe nko mbra mb) to yen" meaning the year should go and come back meeting us alive.

Do you want to know what happens a month or two after all those brisk prayers are said in Ghana and after all those promises of good behaviour are made to God, meet me in my next blog.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I just hope am not scaring you with this my blog because I feel the fear myself anytime I tend to think about this subject. Hve you thought of it too? Is there any day you decided to stop thinking how to make money or run your business and focus on this alone?
The question I want to ask here is very simple. What would have been your punishment for man if you were God on the judgement day?
None is perfect I know and we are full of mistakes also. The rate at which we break promises to our husbands and wifes and even to those we are in relationships with, twice that rate we do break our promises that we make to God.
From creation, man has always been different. You just look at this comparison; during creation, God said "let there be light", ect and there was. Its like almost all the things he created He did so out of just mentioning it or as I do say speaking the word.
Now let us come to the creation of you and I. I remember very well that God said "let us create man in our own image and in our likeness" Wow!! What an oppurtunity to be exactly like the potter Himself. Everyday, we meet people with some deformities or illness that has deformed parts of their bodies making them look "a little bit strange" not like ourselves and we look like them in certain ways and styles. Some of them had this from birth and it is no fault of theirs but you and I despise them even though God said He created us in His own image.
In us is the breath of life. We breath before singing, speaking, etc but the question is do we do that in the glorification of God? How effectively can you account for the breath of life God has given you so far? To steal, kill as is going on in Africa and you name it.
Hmmmm, others say God is caring, loving and good. I see no wrong with that but the question that most people ask is that if God really loves us and knows all that will happen to us even before we were born, why did He not put measures in place to stop us from sinning? Why does God still want the evil to happen, our friends to die, people to fall sick etc? I also understand God too because man has never been faithful to Him. Even when Adam sinned, God himself came around in the Garden that night to look for Adam. Hope you have seen the picture am trying to exhibit here. Man sinned and instead of man going to God to confess and plead for forgiveness, he decided to hide from God and to my supprise, man added that " he was afraid and hid himself when he heard the voice of God". Oh man, when?
As for me, I don't really know but have we been faithful to God enough? Does God really deserve the kind of lifestyle you are putting up before Him? At what percentage will you rate yourself when God gives you the chance?
Is this not worth to think off?


Hello, this is my fist blog and am not happy in anyway because I just dont understand the continent from which I was born.
Many people love to live in peace. As much as we could, we try to eliminate misunderstanding to bring peace among ourselves. With an easy way to travel round this continent, you can just appreciate its beauty.
Sometimes, I tend to ask myself whether God knew in advance what the nature of africans will be resulting to Him creating us differently from the rest of the world. When we can employ ourselves to work for the good of Africa, war has taken over our mind. Shipping of unwanted gargets has taken over through the bush.
This continent if anyone inquire from me about it, I will say is the most beautiful among all continents. It is blessed with many riches ranging from diamonds, golds, manganese, cocoa, timber and any mineral you can think about.
We don't all expect misunderstanding to divide us. I was just stunned and even is up till now that you are reading this blog when I heard of the attack on the national team of Togo. Is it all because of oil? Look at all the mineral deposits on this blessed continents. Apart from Ghana where I come from which is also questionable, all the other African countries with all these mineral deposits have series of war. I dont want to talk of oil because when I do, Nigeria comes in mind, should I hide my face and mention cocoa, Ivory Coast will surface. Am just confused.
Now, if the group that attacked the Togolese national team says they are sorry, will it bring the dead back to life? I was very sad when a friend said he doesn't think the group would have attacked the team if it had known the bus was carrying a football team but the question is does this my friend mean innocent lifes were free to be sprayed at with an AK-47 they were not footballers?
Some school of thought says the competition should have been called off in solidarity to those killed. Hmmmmm, we always feel proud to associate ourselves with stars not to mention Micheal Essien, Diddier Drogba, Solomon Kalou and John Mikel Obi all of the mighty chelsea from this beautiful continent. The presence of all these stars can't stop the bullet from coming out of the angry AK-47. Are we sure these pictures above are the very memories we want to leave behind for our innocent children?
The only time we laugh in africa is during football seasons. The African Cup of Nations(AFCON) is an important tool that unites the whole africa but why at all should we baptize the beautiful game with shedding of innocent human blood?
What at all to you is the cause of all these killings in africa? Is it the greedy nature of the various leaders we have voted ourselves? Anyway are our leaders greedy at all? I don't want to answer but what do also think is the root cause of all these shootings and killings in my beautiful, lovely and blessed AFRICA?
It is very sad but sometimes I tend to agree with God for making our skin "black" and keeping us at this section of the planet earth.