Friday, April 30, 2010


We are still studying the lessons in the Parable of the Talents and we shall continue today with our third lesson.

We are going to talk today about OUR DECISIONS. The decisions we take each day goes a long way to affect us. The outcome may be positive or negative depending on what we finally settle on. Let us go back to our parable. The master after giving them the talents left them to make decisions their own decisions. Nothing was impossed on them and they were given all the liberty. The first two servants decided to trade or invest with their given talents. It was a decision they took and the last servant also decided to hide his talent.

The talent can be an ability, money or a special gift. Now, the questions I want us to ask ourselves are; What are we doing with our talents? What decisions have we taken concerning our talents? What decisions do we take in the midst of freedom?

Lets learn something here. There is one thing not doing anything at all with what you have been given and there is the other side of it which is doing something which does not yeild any profit. From the Parable, the third lazy servant did something. He dug a hole and hid the talent in it but what he did yeilded no results. If the talent given them was a seed for example, it may be that the third servant planted his seed on an unfertile ground or if it was money, then he planted the right seed on the wrong ground. The decisions of the first two to invest or work with their talents the right way yeilded positive results and they had more.

In our lives we decide. It may be in our relationships, marriages, business, investments, talents and abilities. We can still have the money but we may decide to invest it in the wrong company or business which at the end will reap no results or have the talents but still not use it at all.
What decision have you taken concerning the abilities, oppurtunities, money etc that you have? What is the outcome of what you have planned to do? Were others around you considered in your decisions? What decisions do you make in life?

Motivational Lesson: We reap what we sow.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


(Continued from last weeks weekend special.......)

The first lesson we learnt from the parable of the Talent was that WE ARE ALL CAPABLE OF DOING SOMETHING. As much as we can, we try to link it to motivating ourselves and we concluded that God still sees us to be useful that is why He has kept us alive.

The second lesson we shall learn from this parable is that, OUR MASTER IS A MASTER OF SECOND CHANCE AND EQUAL OPPURTUNITIES.
From the parable, we all saw the third servant to be the lazy servant. The master knows all these servants and am sure He knows that the third servant was lazy but look at what He did, He gave him an equal oppurtunity to prove his worth. He gave him a second chance and gave him talents too.

Am sure the master has stayed with this servant and knows his lazy attitude but what He gives to the good, He equally blesses the bad with it. Always showing us that He still loves us and is ready to offer unto us oppurtunities to do something good with our lives.

At school,work,home, church etc, we may come accross some mouth watering oppurtunities that we let go easily. We thought we will never get it again only to be called and presented with the same oppurtunity. That is the beauty of our God. We must be good to both the good and the bad, the clean and the dirty, the weak and the strong. Our God knows us the way we are, whether lazy, hardworking, good, bad etc and He is ready to offer a a second chance in life.

Motivational lesson: Let us not think of our problems, lost oppurtunities, sickness or whatsoever because we serve a master of a second chance and equal oppurtunities.

Friday, April 23, 2010


From above, God created you and I. For the coming days, we shall be talking about THE PARABLE OF THE TALENT which can be seen from the books of Matthew chapter 25:14-30 and also in Luke chapter 19:12-29 and we will be discussing some of the lessons we can learn from it.

The first lesson we shall learn here is that WE ARE ALL CAPABLE OF DOING SOMETHING. The master travelling called on his servants and he gave unto each of them Talents. Today we are still alive. Some people are dead. Some of these dead ones were born on the same day with us, some we are older than and some very much younger than us. One thing we should know is that, we are not special and better than those who are dead and gone. Our master has called us for a purpose. He has called us unto Himself because He knows we can do it. He has kept us alive because He knows and believe we can do it.

Our death will not be sudden. Our believe is that it is only God who can take life and that we are encouraged and motivated to live. The master called his servants. God has called us. He has kept us alive. If we were insignificant in the sight of God or our master, we wouldn't have been alive by now. When the tree is no longer bearing fruits, you destroy it. Our master sees us to be capable.

Be happy my friend. Turn your ears away from those who tell you you are good for nothing. They will tell us in the office, parents tell their kids, husbands tell wifes and vice versa but anytime you are being told so, have the encouragement that you are alive for your master. Never be left down. We are not serving man but our master God.

You are capable that is why the master has called you and kept you alive.

To be continued.....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Its been some days now since my last piece of work. This week has been a blessing and I have rejoiced in it because the days in the week are the days my Lord has made and He has given me the authority to do so.

The little I would like us to share today is that, in life, we need to be very careful with our relationship with our fellow men. We are all human and as usual no one is an Island. You need the help of someone in one way or the other so treat your fellow human beings with care. Be kind and smile. Sometimes when you enter some offices, the expresion on the faces of the people you see there puts fear into you and you end up not knowing who you should walk to even to ask a question. The same happens when boarding a vehicle, train etc sometimes. People sometimes feel someone is too "dirty", poor etc to sit by him or her in the same vehicle or bus. When you sit by them, you will see them trying as much as they could to prevent themselves from touching you. Sometimes its hurting and you feel down afterwards.

No one knows what will happen one day. Be kind to people. Stop the frown and keep a smile. Let us be human please. As much as we pray it will never happen, we can be sick anytime and it is then that we will learn the importance of keeping people around.

The attitude of I will never talk to him again or am better than him or her goes on from the church to the office and beyond. Let us put a stop to it. If there is an attitude that you don't like about someone, its better to correct him or her.

Life is worth living when we show love towards each other, accept and understand people and help correct ourselves too.

You need me and so do I need you too.

Friday, April 16, 2010


It was a very short conversation. "I wish I had not married such a man", she concluded.
Thats interesting. In life, we found ourselves at places we will definately not go when given the second chance. It can be your marriage. It got to a time you feel your husband or wife does not deserve you. Sometimes, it can be your kids. They are always putting the rest of the family into trouble whenever they go out. Sometimes, you are just too much and you can no longer bear.

All I want to tell you is YOU ARE WHERE YOU ARE FOR A REASON. Yes, its for a purpose. Its not just for fun. God knows why you are there. He knows why you married that husband who is not the person you really wish for in life, who is poor, rich etc. God knows why you gave birth to those kids whose bevaviour is not like that of your next doors kids.

You are in that family as a father for a reason. you are there as a mother for a reason and even you are there as a child for a reason. You are even in that church for a purpose.

Let me link it to the Bible a bit. Do you remember Esther very well? Please read Esther 4:14. That is where my point actually is for us all to learn something from. When the time comes for you to prove your worth, you will do it in style to the glory of God. The same applies to Joseph. His brothers have their own reason to sell him but God knows why he was sold and why he went to Egypt.

You are blessed so shine where you are now so don't regret it and give thanks to God. You are who you are. You are where you are for a purpose.


Monday, April 12, 2010


This is a true life story and I hope and pray we all pick something from it. Sometimes I think the best way to talk to people is to use yourself as an example and help direct them.

I am the third born out of four and one thing I realized my family was blessed with even when I was young was wisdom and knowledge. We were academically good. I can remember very well during my early stages in education, I was always on top of the class whenever there was an exams. I was smart. The class beleived in me and sometimes I was asked by the class teacher to lash or cain the rest of my mates if I get a question correct and they all get it wrong.

As I grew, I felt big in my own "small" shoes. I gave credit to myself forgeting about God. I thought it was due to my own hardwork and studies. I started falling and I tell you, the fall was great. I started loosing all those special qualities. I started earning positions I have never earned in class before. I was once on the 25th position etc which was very bad and my teachers and parents did not understand what was wrong. Just as I acknowledged God, things started picking up and now am back to my best.

I found out that it was pride. There is a bit in all of us. Our success we attribute to our "hardwork" and not to God. How do you feel in the office? Do you feel big in your own small shoes? Is it because you drive the Chief Executive Officer or manager of the company, the final authority to items going out, the final decision maker, your kids are bright and accademically good, you are always appointed a leader during projects or what? Even at home, how do you feel? Are you humble or you feel big because you are the one who support the family financially simply because your wife or husband is not employed? In our relationships?

Its everywhere. Let us learn to link our success in life and our abilities to God. He is the one who made us and blessed us with all those abilities and special qualities. When you are up there and you fall, its a mighty fall. Its something I wish you will never experience. Mr. Manager, madam secretary, married couples etc, I know you worked hard for that degree etc but there are people with the same degree as yours still looking for jobs, same wonderful husbands and wifes as yours but having marital problems and a lot of money but no peace.

Give credit to God for how far He has brought you in life and for the things He has blessed you with. It has nothing to do with your hardwork. Never forget that "PRIDE COMES BEFORE A FALL".

Enjoy your week.

Friday, April 09, 2010


For this weekend, I have so many to discuss with you as a family but since we can't discuss everything right now, I suggest we tackle it little by little.

The world is moving and gradually the impact technology is having on the world is very great. It amazes me when I see or hear countries investing in weapons whiles their citizens lack water and other social amenities. Presidents of some countries are now investing in weapons to get themselves prepared in times of war etc.

Let me tell you something. This is a secret most presidents of today don't know. There is one powerful weapon which is not hidden and has stayed since creation but is not used up till now. The weapon am talking of is PRAYER. Yes, I mean PRAYER. It is the greatest most effective weapon ever to be discovered by man.

All you need to do to use this weapon is to go down on your knees and say a word or two to your heavenly father. With prayer, you don't need to be running in the sun carrying AK 47, nuclear weapons,armoured tanks, bombs etc. All you need to do is to stay in your room and by the time you come out, all is settled. The only weapon that can use thunder, lightening, just call it.

Do you remember the letter King Hezikiah received? Read Issiah 37 downwards and pay attention to the verse 14 to 20. Hezikiah did not go about buying guns etc upon receiving the letter. He prayed. My brother, sister, mom, dad and friend, Hezikiah prayed and laid it before the Lord. And what did was the message from God? Read Issiah 37 verse 35.

What is your problem in life? Are you fighting with poverty, marriage,drinking habit, disappointment etc and what is the weapon you are using to tackle it? Are you using sadness, tears, walking and talking to everyone about it or pain? Please stop and use the weapon of prayer. I mean sincere and effective prayer. Its free. You don't buy it, no user manual to read before use and yeild fast results. Get up, go down on your knees, cry unto the Lord, tell Him your enemy or whatever is at war with you through prayer. Whether we like it or not, as christians we can't use guns and knives. All we have as our weapon is prayer. There are so many examples we can use in the Bible but let your life be an example to others whiles you are on earth.

Happy blessed weekend to you all.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


The easter break was not hectic but it was full of blessings. Throughout the break, I listened to only one song and I know you already know it. The special "when its all been said and done" by Don Moen. Actually I have heard this song over some number of times but let me confess that listening to this song during the easter break was something new.

I was completely broken down. Thoughts started to run through my mind. I was completely carried away. There is a time when all shall surely be said and done in our lives. When we lie in our caskets with our hands on our chest, definately all we need to say have been said and done with respect to life. When we stop working in a company and move to a different one, all have been said and done with that company. What we did during life on earth or during our time in that company is what I mean by when all has been said and done.

The question is not how much you saved in your bank account during your life on earth neither is it how many cars you drove whiles on earth. All the treasures will be nothing. All that we have toiled for in the sun etc thinking we are doing something will be regarded as null and void. Acomplete waste of time.

Let us ask ourselves whether we have done our best to live for truth as the song says because that is the thing that matters and more importantly whether we have lived our lives for God. I listened to this song whiles asleep, studying, talking, washing etc and later it sounded like a voice talking to me instead of a song.

Its time we pray to God to teach us, tell us and define for us our duty on earth. As it is in life, if you really know what to learn, you don't waste precious time learning things that are "unecessary" during exams. So is it with Christianity. Know what is expected of us by God as christians and we don't waste time doing what may please man.

When all is said and done, there is just one thing that matters.
Did I do my best to live for truth, did I live my life for you(God).

Welcome back from the easter break.

Sunday, April 04, 2010


This is one of the tracks from Don Moen and I must admit I love this song very much. You might have listened to it many times but I don't know how you feel afterwards.
The words go like this;

When its all been said and done
There is just one thing that matters
Did I do my best to live for truth
Did I live my life for you

When its all been said and done
All my treasures will mean nothing
Only what I've done for loves reward
Will stand the test of time

Lord your mercies is so great
That you look beyond our weakness
And find purest gold in miry clay
Turning sinners into saints

I will always sing your praise
Here on earth and ever after
For you've shown me heaven is my true home
When its all been said and done
You are my life when life is gone.