Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Its been some days now since my last piece of work. This week has been a blessing and I have rejoiced in it because the days in the week are the days my Lord has made and He has given me the authority to do so.

The little I would like us to share today is that, in life, we need to be very careful with our relationship with our fellow men. We are all human and as usual no one is an Island. You need the help of someone in one way or the other so treat your fellow human beings with care. Be kind and smile. Sometimes when you enter some offices, the expresion on the faces of the people you see there puts fear into you and you end up not knowing who you should walk to even to ask a question. The same happens when boarding a vehicle, train etc sometimes. People sometimes feel someone is too "dirty", poor etc to sit by him or her in the same vehicle or bus. When you sit by them, you will see them trying as much as they could to prevent themselves from touching you. Sometimes its hurting and you feel down afterwards.

No one knows what will happen one day. Be kind to people. Stop the frown and keep a smile. Let us be human please. As much as we pray it will never happen, we can be sick anytime and it is then that we will learn the importance of keeping people around.

The attitude of I will never talk to him again or am better than him or her goes on from the church to the office and beyond. Let us put a stop to it. If there is an attitude that you don't like about someone, its better to correct him or her.

Life is worth living when we show love towards each other, accept and understand people and help correct ourselves too.

You need me and so do I need you too.

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  1. Vry true tlk ma frnd...i feel guilty alrdy