Monday, April 12, 2010


This is a true life story and I hope and pray we all pick something from it. Sometimes I think the best way to talk to people is to use yourself as an example and help direct them.

I am the third born out of four and one thing I realized my family was blessed with even when I was young was wisdom and knowledge. We were academically good. I can remember very well during my early stages in education, I was always on top of the class whenever there was an exams. I was smart. The class beleived in me and sometimes I was asked by the class teacher to lash or cain the rest of my mates if I get a question correct and they all get it wrong.

As I grew, I felt big in my own "small" shoes. I gave credit to myself forgeting about God. I thought it was due to my own hardwork and studies. I started falling and I tell you, the fall was great. I started loosing all those special qualities. I started earning positions I have never earned in class before. I was once on the 25th position etc which was very bad and my teachers and parents did not understand what was wrong. Just as I acknowledged God, things started picking up and now am back to my best.

I found out that it was pride. There is a bit in all of us. Our success we attribute to our "hardwork" and not to God. How do you feel in the office? Do you feel big in your own small shoes? Is it because you drive the Chief Executive Officer or manager of the company, the final authority to items going out, the final decision maker, your kids are bright and accademically good, you are always appointed a leader during projects or what? Even at home, how do you feel? Are you humble or you feel big because you are the one who support the family financially simply because your wife or husband is not employed? In our relationships?

Its everywhere. Let us learn to link our success in life and our abilities to God. He is the one who made us and blessed us with all those abilities and special qualities. When you are up there and you fall, its a mighty fall. Its something I wish you will never experience. Mr. Manager, madam secretary, married couples etc, I know you worked hard for that degree etc but there are people with the same degree as yours still looking for jobs, same wonderful husbands and wifes as yours but having marital problems and a lot of money but no peace.

Give credit to God for how far He has brought you in life and for the things He has blessed you with. It has nothing to do with your hardwork. Never forget that "PRIDE COMES BEFORE A FALL".

Enjoy your week.

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