Monday, February 28, 2011


The post today is a devotion I had and I would like to share. For more other resources, please check the link.

Acts 6:4

God has issued some dramatic calls to service. Moses heard His voice from a burning bush (Ex. 3). Isaiah saw a vision of heaven's throne room (Isa. 6). However, a spectacle is the exception rather than the rule. For most who follow the Lord to the mission field, His call is a persistent tug on the heart. It is a whisper in their spirit asking, "How will they know God unless someone tells them?" (Rom. 10:14).

It's better if the Lord doesn't have to use drama to get our attention. Consider stubborn Saul who needed a serious talking to and temporary blindness to get him on the mission field (Acts 26:13-18). I know I'd rather hear the Lord's still small voice!

People can try to ignore the heart tug, block the ever-present question with activity, or satisfy it by giving money rather than themselves. Some outright say no. But the call persists. God's will is set and His plan is steadfast. Though we may run, we can't escape His call to obey (Jonah 1:1; 3:1).

The road of obedience will certainly be marked with challenges. But difficulty is part of any life—at home or abroad, in mission work or a traditional job. Thankfully, the rewards of serving are greater than any hardship. Remember that Jesus promised Peter a hundred-fold return on his investment in the kingdom (Mark 10:28-30).

Carrying the gospel is a great opportunity to serve God. What better way to thank Him for saving us and writing our name in the Book of Life than to share that experience with others. If the Lord's still small voice is calling you, say yes and see what amazing, life-changing work He can do through you.

Indeed our call comes in different ways and let us be encouraged carry the word to every home and into every heart. Let us obey the call and make Christ known.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Life is full of fun. Throughout the world we all wish for life without tears, guns, demonstations, strike actions. This can only be achieved when we live our life for the benefit of others and not ourselves. We must strive for the improvement or progress of others and not ourselves. Our homes, our neighborhood, towns, countries, continents and the world or the planet at large surely will be a nice place and a blessing to live in if we think positive about each other, work hard to promote a good course, and stand for the truth.
We must live for others. Jesus Christ showed us a perfect example by coming down to live for us. To die for us. He went all the way to that lenght just for our sake. If we are the followers of Christ and we were created in His own image, then doing the same thing towards our fellow brothers and sisters should not be a problem for us. To what extent have we lived our days for the benefit of others? Our actions or lifestyle brings sorrow to those around us.
Ask yourself;

Do people wish you never existed because they see no life in you?
Are troubled hearts calmed or find peace when you are visited?
Do frowned faces turn into smiles after leaving your presence?
What of those that are less motivated,full of tears, down hearted etc that come to you?
As I grow in life, I have come across something. If you succeed at leaving a mark of happiness or smile on the face of someone, you the giver feel a different kind of joy in your heart. Just imagine your neighbour travelling and you being at home his children come back from school hungry or being sacked for school fees. You offer them food or give them money to go pay their fees and they smile back to you and say thank you. Wow!! Even the smile alone brings joy to your heart, your help gives them hope and it shows or tells them [the kids] there is someone who thinks about them aside their parents. That is it, living for the benefit of others or those around you and not for yourself. Making others remember you or working hard not for your fame or the material gains but giving life, placing a smile on that sad face and showing that you care.
This is my world, this is your world and this is the same world that if our King Jesus Christ doesn't come and we are alive will live in and the future unborn will also come to live. Let us make it a world worthy to live in.

Have a blessed weekend.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I have been out for some time now. Thing are moving on well and by Gods grace, I am fine and I hope all of you out there are blessed as well.

I want to talk today about something rather simple if I should put it that way. During the past weeks, I spent most of my time out with my younger sister and she said one thing that really caught my atention. She told me she wish she was not born at the town where she was born. Actually we were born in a [I don't know whether to call it town or village] but now a semi-village which lies somewhere in the Central Region of Ghana before we came to the city and where we were born, I don't think you will accept to stay there for a week in those days. I asked here why and she said whenever she stands with her friends and they are all mentioning their place of birth, she does not even know what to say because her place of birth is not popular and none of her friends knows the town and it can not even be located on google earth.

As we laughed over her statement, I started thinking of the birth place of our saviour Jesus Christ. He was born in a manger. A man who was doing all those great miracles; turning water into wine, walking on the sea, raising the dead and healing all kinds of diseases was born in a manger. So how can someone of such a "low birth profile" or history rise to be such an influential person on this earth? Sometimes we look at our begining in life to draw conclusions when we don't actually control our own life. Aside all things, if I was old enough to see my mother giving birth to me in a manger, maybe I would have declined and stayed in there but actually our begining does not really determine our end in life. I have known people who were given birth to in great hospitals and beautiful places but they grew up to be a nuisance in their soceity contribution nothing and becoming total failures.

It is not just about our birth places. Sometimes, we start businesses and we get nothing as profit in the first year, we invest and the returns is low and not encouraging or even our school results are not encouraging in the first year etc but our begining or where we started in life does not define our end. I know the case of Jesus Christ may be classified as exceptional but it teaches us a lesson. Stop drawing conclusions about your life, education, business, relationship marriage and anything tof yours that had a bad begining.
Think Positive and let that motivate you to put in more energy or more dedication towards turning things to work for you.
God knows best and He knows why things went that way. Offcourse expect bad results or bad beginings if you are lazy and and not doing the right thing. Commit your ways to God or whatever you worship but I will recommend God since I have tried Him and I can boldly say I have never been disappointed. Sure it is by Grace because if I should tell you where I was born and how far I have come, indeed His grace has been sufficient for me and my place of birth never defined my destiny or what I will be in life.

If we were created in Gods own image and we are sons and daughters of God, then we have a future and will be great people in life no matter how we started.
Stay blessed and always remember, how you started in life can never define your end.