Friday, February 18, 2011


Life is full of fun. Throughout the world we all wish for life without tears, guns, demonstations, strike actions. This can only be achieved when we live our life for the benefit of others and not ourselves. We must strive for the improvement or progress of others and not ourselves. Our homes, our neighborhood, towns, countries, continents and the world or the planet at large surely will be a nice place and a blessing to live in if we think positive about each other, work hard to promote a good course, and stand for the truth.
We must live for others. Jesus Christ showed us a perfect example by coming down to live for us. To die for us. He went all the way to that lenght just for our sake. If we are the followers of Christ and we were created in His own image, then doing the same thing towards our fellow brothers and sisters should not be a problem for us. To what extent have we lived our days for the benefit of others? Our actions or lifestyle brings sorrow to those around us.
Ask yourself;

Do people wish you never existed because they see no life in you?
Are troubled hearts calmed or find peace when you are visited?
Do frowned faces turn into smiles after leaving your presence?
What of those that are less motivated,full of tears, down hearted etc that come to you?
As I grow in life, I have come across something. If you succeed at leaving a mark of happiness or smile on the face of someone, you the giver feel a different kind of joy in your heart. Just imagine your neighbour travelling and you being at home his children come back from school hungry or being sacked for school fees. You offer them food or give them money to go pay their fees and they smile back to you and say thank you. Wow!! Even the smile alone brings joy to your heart, your help gives them hope and it shows or tells them [the kids] there is someone who thinks about them aside their parents. That is it, living for the benefit of others or those around you and not for yourself. Making others remember you or working hard not for your fame or the material gains but giving life, placing a smile on that sad face and showing that you care.
This is my world, this is your world and this is the same world that if our King Jesus Christ doesn't come and we are alive will live in and the future unborn will also come to live. Let us make it a world worthy to live in.

Have a blessed weekend.


  1. The Lesson Plan for my SS class this Sunday has to do with this. We're learning the parable of the Wheat and Tares... about not only being careful of the weeds, but becoming a weed ourselves by not producing fruit in our lives (and that happens when we focus on ourselves).

    This post gave me a newer insight into the parable and encouraged me further to stop being self-centered and focus on others.

    After all, our priority list should be:

    J - Jesus
    O - Others
    y - You

    Putting Jesus and others before ourselves is where true joy lies =)

    Great post!

    Have a blessed weekend! =)

  2. Thanks for your comment sister. You encourage me always. God bless you and enjoy your week.