Thursday, September 01, 2011


Wherever I went to, thank God I have found my roots and I am back to my blogging. I miss blogging and miss all my readers and I am sure everybody is doing well.

Whiles I was away, there was this thing I learnt about the today's person or christian. Our refusal to take a step. Many at times, we are used to standing at one place or sitting down without moving. The fact that we are Christians does not mean everything will come to us like manna dropping from Heaven. Sure I believe God is still in His miracle doing day and there is nothing too hard for Him to do but WE MUST TAKE A STEP OR MAKE A MOVE.

Hopefully we all remember the parable of the prodigal son. If we have forgotten, please refer to Luke chapter 15 vrs 11 - 32. This is a clear example of what I am taking about. We must move in life. My current state is not the best, your current state is not the best. Be it financial, emotional, family, marriage, education etc I believe you can do better. We should not sit and agree to a situation when things are not going well in life. The prodigal son took a step to go back to the father. Sure maybe the father or brother he left behind will one day go and search for him but when was that going to happen? He decided to take a step, to move to his father's house once more and even at that distance, his father aw him.

One amazing thing was that his father also started walking towards him. That is what I am talking about. When you take a step in life, your helpers also take a step towards you to make things easier. It's natural. Don't sit and think the days will roll by and one day you will surely meet your helper. No. Make a move, let him see you are serious. My pastor usually says "when you make a move, mountains are removed" and it is true. The troubles in life, the things that seems to be impossible are there like that because you have decided not to make a move. Move and they will also move, make a way for you to walk through to your dreams. Remember the Bible says the devil is like a roaring lion. It did not say the devil is a roaring lion. So it means it tries to pretend it is what it is not. The troubles you see are pretenders. They want to see your reaction and when you react positively, they see you as no push overs. That is what I am talking about.

Look at something in the Exodus chapter 14 vrs 15 - 18 when the people of Israel were crossing the red sea. God told Moses " And the LORD said to Moses, "Why do you cry to Me? Tell the children of Israel to go forward...........". Its time you put a hold on talking and make a move. Stop crying to God and make a move. God told them to go forward. Sure He saw the red sea but He told them to go forward and when they did, the red sea also moved. That is the God we serve. Look, your helper is just behind the mountain waiting for you to move. Make a move today, don't sit down at one place for everything is possible with God.

Take a step, make a move and trust God with the rest for when you make a move, the mountains shall be removed.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Jesus, All For Jesus - Robin Mark - Revival From Belfast

My song for the day. I know we have heard it over and over but I feel like sharing again.

God bless you all and have a great weekend.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Scripture makes it clear that our heavenly Father hears and answers prayer. Yet we all experience times when, though we pray for God to act right away, He does not. What are some reasons for the delay?

At times the Lord sees that our attention is misdirected. Our relationship with Him should have priority over any earthly matter (Mark 12:30). Yet minds and prayers can become so fixed upon a need that our gaze shifts away from Him. The Father may delay His answer until we refocus on Him. In other situations, God waits because the timing is not right for granting our request. Perhaps certain events must happen first, or people’s thinking needs to be changed.

There are also seasons when the Lord wants to stretch and grow our faith. One of the ways He accomplishes that is by having us watch for His response. The Holy Spirit will work in these times of waiting to mature us and bring forth righteous fruit (Gal. 5:22-23).

Other reasons are a wrong motive for our request (James 4:3) and the practice of habitual sin. We all fall short when it comes to God’s standard of holiness, but some of us persist in a lifestyle of disobedience. The Lord may delay His answer so He can prompt us to confess our sin and turn back to Him.

Waiting on the Lord isn’t easy—faith and trust are needed (Heb. 11:1). If His answer is delayed, check that 1) your focus is on Him, 2) your motive for asking is God-honoring, and 3) you aren’t practicing habitual sin. Then believe that His response will be for your good and His glory.

Credit: InTouch Ministries

Thursday, June 09, 2011


This is our concluding part of the lessons we have been studying from the story Jesus Christ meeting with the woman at the well which can be found in John 4:1-42.

Our last lesson focuses on evangelism. The need to spread the word, share and reach out to the unsaved when we get saved. We must show others the light, bring others to God when we see or meet Him. We are going to focus our lesson on not just one but some number of verses. The first verse is John 4:16. Here, Jesus asked the woman to go bring her husband which is a clear sign of Jesus Christ teaching her to or willing to spread the saving to the family of the woman and all her household. If the Samaritan woman had a husband by then I am sure Jesus would have saved both of them thus winning two sould instead of one to the kingdom.
Now, after Jesus told the woman to go get her husband which was one aspect of evangelising in the story, a clear picture of evangelism is painted when the woman descended into the town to tell the whole town [world] she has met the Lord and urges everyone to come and see the Christ. This is evident in John 4:28-30. The verse 28 talks about the woman leaving her pot behind and taking a step to let the others know about the wonderful man she has met. Everybody knew her as a prostitute which if it were to be today might be shameful for some of us to do. She did not let her occupation stop her from spreading the gosple. She forgot about her water pot simply because she has been promised of water that when she drinks will never go thirsty. The water pot may crack, the well may dry up but there is a fountain in God that never dries up. The water from that fountain is always fresh and taste sweet. "Come and see...." is what the woman said when she got to the town. The woman did not keep everything to herself. She went forth and told everyone, invited everyone to know and hear the amazing word, a life transforming event that has taken place in her life. She did not look down on her self, did not say she can not spread the word because she is a prostitute. John 4:39-42 tells us the end results. All we need to do is just to go and sow the seed. Take a step and sow the seed. Forget about who will water it, prune it and do the harvesting when it is time because God will open the heavens for rain to fall on the seed you have sown, He will prune it and take away all the branches that are not needed. There is nothing too hard for Him to do. Put away the fear and take the bold step. Put your past behind and focus on an oppurtunity to live a new life under the chairmanship of Jesus Christ.

What then is preventing us from doing likewise? A prostitute shared the word, before Paul because Paul he was not giving christians their peace of mind and yet he became a very big player in the kingdom business. That is the God we serve, He accepts us how we are, clears the rust on us and polishes us making us ready for use. He chooses whoever He wants. God has done a lot for you and me. Like the Samaritan woman, He has showed us great and wonderful things in our lives, brought our secrets to the open and has promised us fresh water that never dries up, water that when we drink will never go thirsty yet we prefer keeping all the Lord had done to ourselves. We do not want to share or bring others to the saving power of God. Somebody is waiting for proof, waiting to hear that story, that testimony etc to confirm that he or she is not making a wrong move concerning his or her decision to follow Christ and yet you have all those testimonies but you are sitting down with it. What are you waiting for? Forget about you being a prostitute, a thief, etc. God loves you and accepts you irrespective of whatever you have done or whoever you are. Sure there was a time I was that personal feeling that I was the worst sinner on earth at a particular time but I kept asking myself why God blesses me with a new life each and every morning?

God loves you. Let us share and bring our brothers and sisters to the saving knowledge or power of God.

Thanks everyone for reading and following the studies over the past month. Your comments are encouraging I appreciate your time and everything you sacrificed to read all the post concerning the lessons. God bless you all and continue to abide under the shadows of the Almighty. Till we come again with another post, its bye for now.


Friday, May 27, 2011


With the need to attend the funeral of my grandfather and other issues to work out we are now back to continue the study of the lessons we can extract from the story of Jesus Christ meeting with the woman at the well. The next two post will take us to the concluding parts.

For our lesson today, we have given it the title "THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE" and we shall pin our study on the verse 16 to 18 of John chapter 4
[4:16 Jesus saith unto her, Go, call thy husband, and come hither.
4:17 The woman answered and said, I have no husband. Jesus said unto her, Thou hast well said, I have no husband:
4:18 For thou hast had five husbands; and he whom thou now hast is not thy husband: in that saidst thou truly.]

Yes I have ever lied but I have grown to learn and understand that if you want to be free, simply tell the truth in all things. Jesus Christ knows all things. He knew everything about the woman and still wanted to know or hear whatever it is from her own mouth. The woman I don't think was under any pressure. She could have lied and presented herself clean before the Lord.

In life, we are associated in different circles. We meet people who knows us very well but still want to ask and we meet others who do not also know anything about us. Just look at your profiles in social network sites like facebook, twitter, skype, etc. How truthful were you in filling out your profiles? At the very first stages of your relationships, what lies did you tell just to win that man or woman?

Lies when told makes one feel good but such a feeling is for a short time. It only sets you free at that very moment but not forever. As a child, one or two times I had to lie to have my way but one thing I realized was that I was finding work for myself always. I was employing myself to do a work that I was not going to be paid for. The job of lying always to make my first lie seem true and as a result of doing that, I keep lying all around. Meanwhile, if I were to tell the truth, I would have been free to live my normal life afterwards. Sometimes we tell lies because of quite some number of reasons. For example, looking at our case study, we read further that everyone in the town at that time was aware of the job the woman was doing. Now if she was to be pretending during the day and doing her own things at night, she could have lied easily. Therefore, pretending is one of the reason or causes for lying. Pretending to be who you are not. Just be who you are. Since the woman was herself, there was no need to lie to Jesus about who she was not and that really made her free. Also, we lie because we fear punishment. Fearing punishment also means most of us hate correction. If you do something wrong and instead of telling the truth you tell lies, you won't be corrected and you will forever stay on the blind side. Telling lies because of the fear for punishment robs you off an oppurtunity to be corrected and to know the right thing.

The Samarian woman told the truth. She had no husband and that really set her free and she had the available help. What are you hiding from your wife, husband, parent, teachers, managers, employees, employers, friends, children etc? Can't you see you always have to do something to keep that thing still hiding? Why don't you simply tell the truth and be free?

Remember the Bible tells us of a place prepared for lairs etc. It is real and shall surely come to pass. Let us learn to tell the truth to people whether known or unknown. The person you may the thinking to lie to because you think he or she does not know you is very much aware of all facts about you. He or she knows you very well. Just as Jesus Christ knew the samaritan woman very well but still asked, the same way someone knows about you but still wants to know. Simply tell the truth and it shall set you free.

Father Lord we pray thanking you for our lives. We thank you for the word and we pray that you help us learn to tell the truth at all times. We pray for your Holy Spirit to stay in our heart and alert or prompt us anytime our tongue shows interest in telling lies. This we ask in Jesus name. Amen!!!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


We have already done the lesson one and two of this topic. Taking our minds back, in our first lesson, we saw that we are not to be afraid to ask for help if we need it and we learned that when Jesus asked or made the first approach for help by asking for water. Our second lesson also tells us not to use or set boundaries around us since we will be missing a lot of goodies and that was also evident when the Samarian woman asked Jesus how a Jew should ask a Samarian woman for water.

This post lead us to our third lesson and we shall base it on John 4:11 [The woman saith unto him, Sir, thou hast nothing to draw with, and the well is deep: from whence then hast thou that living water?] with the title looking beyond limitations.
From our verse or from the story Jesus was sitting at the well alone. It was true that He had nothing to fetch the water for Himself and this was what the woman wanted to explore or take advantage of or it was what the woman saw as a limitation or short fall on Jesus Christ.
Let us take notice of some aspects of the statement made by the woman. First, she asked Jesus what tool or equipment He was going to use to fetch the water. Now in life we face similar issues. We come to a point where honestly we have nothing. Even if we were to enter into a barter deal and exchange goods for goods or services for services, we have nothing to do the exchange. We have nothing to draw the water and we are seen as such by people around us. Let us leave the case of Jesus Christ aside and look into our own lives. Sure we are followers of Jesus Christ and Jesus was at the well without anything to draw the water from the well. I am forced to say that some of us are living in this world without anything in hand to draw water. Good and I agree God will make a way where there seems to be no way but I am afraid some of us are not prepared at all in life. We walk to the solutions to our problems without anything to take a bite home. There is hunger or thirst in your house and you walk to a well without even a cup to fetch any for the house. Some of us move about unprepared in life. Should the unexpected happen, we are always found wanting. When we are needed to step in and be a solution we end up becoming a problem because we are unprepared. Blessings come and most of us are unprepared as well. Vacancies are being announced everyday but because we are not prepared we end up loosing or missing the oppurtunity and it only showcase how poorly organised we are in this life. Already we have been told that Jesus Christ or the Son of Man shall come back like a thief and the big question is how prepared or organised are you?

Another aspect we want to look at is the woman admitting that the well was deep. It was the truth as it was and there is no problem telling the tuth about the depth of the well but if the well was indeed deep, who should be warning the other to be careful between a man and a woman? Indeed the well was deep for the woman.We all or may be having a well in our lifes but the question I want to ask is how deep is the well? From the point I want to come from, the well is not just a well with water. The well can be a problem you are going through, it can be a marriage well, educational well, relationship well, financial well, religious well etc. No matter how deep the well maybe, I am glad to tell you that there is a Man standing by ready to help. He is ready to fetch from that well for you. Do you think the well in your life is too deep for Christ to fetch from? Is the problem too much for God to handle or come in? You have been going to the well always with a bucket tied to a rope to fetch but today I want you to look beyond that boundry of bucket and rope water fetching mechanism and trust God. Yes He may appear to you without any tool in His hand to fetch or without any bucket but look beyond what seems to be the last resort. Look over the boundry or limit.

We serve a God of possibilities. Jesus Christ offered to help the woman out of her troubles so that there will be no need for her to be coming to the well everyday to fetch water and the Samaritan woman asked Jesus how He was going to solve her problem. She said to Jesus, you have nothing to use to help me and moreover my problem is very big. I have a big problem Jesus, the well is deep. My problem is not an easy one she admits and we face similar issues in life but all I want to say is look beyond what seems to be the limitations, last stop or boundry. The solution you are adopting is not the only way. There is another option.

If you are considering an option and ninety-nine points say no, take a bold step and consider that one point that says yes. Look beyond your boundries.

......Enjoy a blessed Easter and I pray the death on the cross by our saviour becomes significant to you and watch out for Lesson 4.

Friday, April 08, 2011


[John 4:9 Then saith the woman of Samaria unto him, How is it that thou, being a Jew, askest drink of me, which am a woman of Samaria? for the Jews have no dealings with the Samaritans]

The above verse ushers us into our second motivational/inspirational lesson we are trying as much as possible with direction from above to extract from the story about Jesus Christ meeting with the Samarian woman at the well.
Now from the verse, we see clearly the woman setting boundries around her self by the use of her ethnicity or place she is coming from. First she meets Jesus Christ who tried to start a conversation by asking for water only for Jesus to be told that because of where He is coming from, it is not possible for Him to be served the water.

The behaviour/nature/character or attitude of the Samarian woman is still present with us. It is in our homes, schools, work places and even in the church. In the church, we do not want some people to sit by us or we sitting by them. We are selective and want to sit by or with people we already know. At work, some managers or even recruitment officers are not employing some people simply because the applicants are not from their country, town, church etc. We see ourselves not to have any dealings with them.

Sometimes, such words are really hurting. When you were in high school or college, was there a guy or lady that you loved or liked as a friend but you were stopped from going further because of his or her family background or were you stopped from marrying someone because your family did not like the others family? Sometimes, it is not just about not coming from the same family background. I remember when I was in my high school going age I heard some parents telling their children not to associate themselves with other children who are not academically good. In Ghana, some people prefer to marry from a particular tribe and not from others. I am thinking the misunderstanding between the Samaritans/Samarians and the Jews was there before the woman was born or grew. I am sure she was born into it but instead of correcting that when she applied the rule and followed the tradition. Some of us want to continue the ways of our families without even trying to know why. Your parents are not on talking terms with your neighbours. Instead of you asking your parents why they have no dealings with people from some tribe etc, we grow into it and continue the "tradition". Those who were really involved are gone. The innocent are suffering.

We have formed or created artificial boundries around us using a character or nature of being selective and unnecessary seperation tactics placing ourselves in a "high" position whiles seeing others as either inferior or "not our class" as the foundation. The boundry or wall you have built around you is driving people away. The poor, needy, sick, oppressed, disappointed, widow, orphan as well as the good or blessed ones are around waiting to come to you. God sent His son Jesus Christ to save us all. He came for all of us with no limitations. The sinful, righteous, sick, healthy, poor, rich or wealthy, tall, short, fat, thin and humans from all walks of life were welcome. Jesus was not selective when feeding the 5000 men with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes so if really God created us in His own image and that the spirit of God is in us, why should we greet some people at the office whiles passing by others without even saying a word and even trying as much as we can not to have anything to do with them? Why should we distribute or share food during festive seasons to some particular people leaving the rest out knowing very well they are in need? Why should you drive your kids to school and pass by fellow children who are in the same school with your kids walking or standing by the road side simply because you as a parent you have nothing or no dealings with them?

Lesson 2: Setting boundries around us do us no good. Not only does it limit us in our exploration but it prevents us from receiving the good things others have for us.

Thursday, March 31, 2011


I have been out for some time. Any, I am back and thank you all for your continous visit to the site and reading through some old post. I am back and God also bless you all for your prayers and sweet words during my birthday. I appreciate it very much.

For the coming weeks, we are going to try as much as possible by the Grace to extract some lessons from the meeting of Jesus Christ with the Samarian woman at the well. This can be found in John the chapter 4 verses 1 to 42 but for our studies, we will be starting from verse 7 which says;

(4:7) There cometh a woman of Samaria to draw water: Jesus saith unto her, Give me to drink.[KJV]

What I will like to talk about is the habit of asking. Honestly I am a victim myself because I fear to ask sometimes. Jesus here felt free to ask even though He could have called for water anytime to drink. We read in Matthew 7:7 which tells us to Ask and it shall be giving unto us. We all have needs and problems but sometimes even though we know this exact person can help us, we fear to ask. We feel we will be disgraced if we are not given. There is nothing wrong if we ask. We are just not to take advantage of it. We are to ask for the right thing at the right time.
There is nothing wrong with asking and as I said we are not to be afraid to ask if we are in need. There are some of us who wont ask no matter what. There is a local wise saying here in Ghana that says "if you sell your sickness that is when you get its medicine to treat it".
If you ask, that does not mean you are poor or you will be regarded as poor in the eyes of your helper. You see people hungry, thirsty, sick, wishing to ask for salary increament, having problem with studies etc but they will never ask for help.
Sure, all fingers are not equal. We can not own everything in this world or have a bit of everything so as to live independent and no man in this world is an Island so feel free to ask for help when you need it. I tell you, you also have something someone badly need somewhere.God created Eve to be the helper of Adam and out of them we all came so we are all helpers to each other. Never fear to ask especially if you see someone in the position to be able to help you. be continued.......

Lesson 1: Do not fear to ask for help.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Today March 15th marks another milestone in my life. God has been good to me. He has kept me alive and blessed me with another year.

I am grateful to God for all He has done for me. He has blessed me and remained faithful to me even when I was unfaithful, He loved me when I was full of hate, He cared for me when I was uncaring, He has shown mercy when I was not. God has never taken His eyes off me and has protected me when I thought I was open to hurt, pains and shame. He has taken the shame away, appointed me when I was disappointed, placed a robe and a crown on my head when I was in rags and placed a seal of owner over my life.

I thank God for the life of all of you my blog readers. Its been nice having you on board. Your comments have been encouraging and you have all played a big role in keeping this blog alive and active. To all my friends on blogger, twitter, formspring, skype, facebook etc, I say God bless you and thank you for the role God is using you to play in my life.

God bless you all and may His favor be your portion.


Thursday, March 10, 2011


John 1:46 And Nathanael said unto him, Can there any good thing come out of Nazareth? Philip saith unto him, Come and see. KJV

This word came into mind today as I sat at the back seat of a 33 seater bus on my way to work trying to complete my sleep. This question comes our way in life. I want us to see it a little out of the biblical context and relate it to our personal, family work and social lives.
Nathanael asked this Philip, Can any thing good come out of Nazareth? I think Nathanael should have known Narareth very well to say or ask this. He may know the types of personalities, the people, work and things that happen in Nazareth and was sure nothing good could have come out. He may have also compared Nazareth to other cities and drawn a conclusion that there was nothing good going to come out or it was not going to attract anything good thing. Finally he was proved wrong and to confirm this, he was invited by Philip to come and see it for his own eyes.

In life, we meet this question. It is either we ask ourselves, we asked about others or other ask about us. It is one of the questions we ask ourselves before making our final decisions. In marriage or relationships, we ask ourselves whether anything good can come out of the relationship or whether anything good can come out of each other. At the work place, recruitment managers look at our resume and ask the same question, can anything good come out of this applicant or this employee? At school, above average and average students do ask the same question about the below average and the poorly performing students, when things are not going on well in life with us, we sometimes ask ourselves and so do even some of our parents. Some parents do have their choices when it comes to the children they gave birth to themselves and ask if anything good can come out of those they don't really like.
A question likle this makes us feel looked down upon. It makes us feel inferior and brings sadness to our heart. The future is unknown and with a thousand years being like one day and one day being like a thousand years before the Lord anything can happen at anytime to transform a life. Our position up there shouldn't give us the edge to ask our fellow mates down there such questions. We need not to look down upon them but give then encouraging words. The position you are in and thinking you are at the highest level, someone is higher than you, better than you and there is something better coming out of the person.

Yes, there are a millions of good things that can come out of Nazareth, that can come out of you, your son, daughter, employees, that applicant, that fellow student and your country. Instead of we taking delight in demotivating and beigh quick to condemn whiles killing their spirits, let us cheer them up and see the positives whiles we give each person equal chance to prove the little he or she can do. The person you are looking down upon today could be the employer of your children tomorrow and surely you are going to invited to come see it with your own eyes where the Lord has brought them.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


I had a mail with these pictures and wants to share. Enjoy the message they carry and stay blessed.

Monday, February 28, 2011


The post today is a devotion I had and I would like to share. For more other resources, please check the link.

Acts 6:4

God has issued some dramatic calls to service. Moses heard His voice from a burning bush (Ex. 3). Isaiah saw a vision of heaven's throne room (Isa. 6). However, a spectacle is the exception rather than the rule. For most who follow the Lord to the mission field, His call is a persistent tug on the heart. It is a whisper in their spirit asking, "How will they know God unless someone tells them?" (Rom. 10:14).

It's better if the Lord doesn't have to use drama to get our attention. Consider stubborn Saul who needed a serious talking to and temporary blindness to get him on the mission field (Acts 26:13-18). I know I'd rather hear the Lord's still small voice!

People can try to ignore the heart tug, block the ever-present question with activity, or satisfy it by giving money rather than themselves. Some outright say no. But the call persists. God's will is set and His plan is steadfast. Though we may run, we can't escape His call to obey (Jonah 1:1; 3:1).

The road of obedience will certainly be marked with challenges. But difficulty is part of any life—at home or abroad, in mission work or a traditional job. Thankfully, the rewards of serving are greater than any hardship. Remember that Jesus promised Peter a hundred-fold return on his investment in the kingdom (Mark 10:28-30).

Carrying the gospel is a great opportunity to serve God. What better way to thank Him for saving us and writing our name in the Book of Life than to share that experience with others. If the Lord's still small voice is calling you, say yes and see what amazing, life-changing work He can do through you.

Indeed our call comes in different ways and let us be encouraged carry the word to every home and into every heart. Let us obey the call and make Christ known.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Life is full of fun. Throughout the world we all wish for life without tears, guns, demonstations, strike actions. This can only be achieved when we live our life for the benefit of others and not ourselves. We must strive for the improvement or progress of others and not ourselves. Our homes, our neighborhood, towns, countries, continents and the world or the planet at large surely will be a nice place and a blessing to live in if we think positive about each other, work hard to promote a good course, and stand for the truth.
We must live for others. Jesus Christ showed us a perfect example by coming down to live for us. To die for us. He went all the way to that lenght just for our sake. If we are the followers of Christ and we were created in His own image, then doing the same thing towards our fellow brothers and sisters should not be a problem for us. To what extent have we lived our days for the benefit of others? Our actions or lifestyle brings sorrow to those around us.
Ask yourself;

Do people wish you never existed because they see no life in you?
Are troubled hearts calmed or find peace when you are visited?
Do frowned faces turn into smiles after leaving your presence?
What of those that are less motivated,full of tears, down hearted etc that come to you?
As I grow in life, I have come across something. If you succeed at leaving a mark of happiness or smile on the face of someone, you the giver feel a different kind of joy in your heart. Just imagine your neighbour travelling and you being at home his children come back from school hungry or being sacked for school fees. You offer them food or give them money to go pay their fees and they smile back to you and say thank you. Wow!! Even the smile alone brings joy to your heart, your help gives them hope and it shows or tells them [the kids] there is someone who thinks about them aside their parents. That is it, living for the benefit of others or those around you and not for yourself. Making others remember you or working hard not for your fame or the material gains but giving life, placing a smile on that sad face and showing that you care.
This is my world, this is your world and this is the same world that if our King Jesus Christ doesn't come and we are alive will live in and the future unborn will also come to live. Let us make it a world worthy to live in.

Have a blessed weekend.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I have been out for some time now. Thing are moving on well and by Gods grace, I am fine and I hope all of you out there are blessed as well.

I want to talk today about something rather simple if I should put it that way. During the past weeks, I spent most of my time out with my younger sister and she said one thing that really caught my atention. She told me she wish she was not born at the town where she was born. Actually we were born in a [I don't know whether to call it town or village] but now a semi-village which lies somewhere in the Central Region of Ghana before we came to the city and where we were born, I don't think you will accept to stay there for a week in those days. I asked here why and she said whenever she stands with her friends and they are all mentioning their place of birth, she does not even know what to say because her place of birth is not popular and none of her friends knows the town and it can not even be located on google earth.

As we laughed over her statement, I started thinking of the birth place of our saviour Jesus Christ. He was born in a manger. A man who was doing all those great miracles; turning water into wine, walking on the sea, raising the dead and healing all kinds of diseases was born in a manger. So how can someone of such a "low birth profile" or history rise to be such an influential person on this earth? Sometimes we look at our begining in life to draw conclusions when we don't actually control our own life. Aside all things, if I was old enough to see my mother giving birth to me in a manger, maybe I would have declined and stayed in there but actually our begining does not really determine our end in life. I have known people who were given birth to in great hospitals and beautiful places but they grew up to be a nuisance in their soceity contribution nothing and becoming total failures.

It is not just about our birth places. Sometimes, we start businesses and we get nothing as profit in the first year, we invest and the returns is low and not encouraging or even our school results are not encouraging in the first year etc but our begining or where we started in life does not define our end. I know the case of Jesus Christ may be classified as exceptional but it teaches us a lesson. Stop drawing conclusions about your life, education, business, relationship marriage and anything tof yours that had a bad begining.
Think Positive and let that motivate you to put in more energy or more dedication towards turning things to work for you.
God knows best and He knows why things went that way. Offcourse expect bad results or bad beginings if you are lazy and and not doing the right thing. Commit your ways to God or whatever you worship but I will recommend God since I have tried Him and I can boldly say I have never been disappointed. Sure it is by Grace because if I should tell you where I was born and how far I have come, indeed His grace has been sufficient for me and my place of birth never defined my destiny or what I will be in life.

If we were created in Gods own image and we are sons and daughters of God, then we have a future and will be great people in life no matter how we started.
Stay blessed and always remember, how you started in life can never define your end.

Friday, January 28, 2011


Hello fellow friends, I miss you all and hope you are doing great.

I have some images to share about my country Ghana and whoever wants to know some of the activities and places in Ghana can click on the link below.

Click here.

Go through the albums and see some of the wonderful places you can visit when you come to Ghana as well as some of the intresting lifestyles of my fellow Ghanainas.

Stay blessed and have a sound weekend.

God bless and keep you till we meet again next week.

Monday, January 17, 2011


While we were dicsussing issues about Paul during our Bible studies at church yesterday evening, I was thinking about a post for today and asked myself this question; Why are some people suffering in life, things going wrong all the time for them and they having such a bad time? I considered most of the reasons with some being laziness, hard luck and unemployment etc.

There was this one other cause for all these problems that came into mind and it is what I want to talk a little bit about today. OUR UTTERANCES!!! Yes our utterances. They are very powerful and can make and unmake us in life. We must be careful with whatever comes out of our mouth. You know, sometimes we usually forget about ourselves. When we have misunderstandings with each other whether being friends, husbands and wives etc, we need to control our tongue.

Lets look at this scenario. A man had an urgument with his wife and in the course of the anger the woman told the husband he does not deserve her and he is not fit to be her husband. Very sad but when the issue is resolved later and they are back but when the man is unable to perform his duties or responsibilities the woman becomes desperate visiting all prayer camps for the solution forgeting that she once made an utterance. To tell the truth, some of the things we say to people are very bad. It kills their souls, demotivates them. Infact some words can kill.
This is a true story and I was a witness. Back in Ghana, I stayed at a village for quite some time. There was this woman whose children were very stubborn. The woman out of disturbances and troubles kept telling her children that she will one day die and leave them [the children] behind. One day the woman died just like that and left the children behind as she always said and if you see them today its a pity.
I know sometimes we children are stubborn but we beg you mom and dad to control your tongue about us. Can't just see why a mother should tell her son or daughter that he or she will suffer in life. What comes out of your mouth? Have you reconsidered what you say to people?

The Bible tells us in James 3:9-12 that "With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in God's likeness. Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers, this should not be. Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring? My brothers, can a fig tree bear olives, or a grapevine bear figs? Neither can a salt spring produce fresh water".
We are also told in Colossians 4:6 that " Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone". Now we know. There are a lot. Bible verses such as Matthew 5:22, Psalm 39:1, Psalm 55:21, Psalm 64:2-3,Proverbs 11:12-13, Proverbs 12:17-19, Proverbs 15:1-2, Proverbs 18:20-21, Ecclesiastes 5:2-4, Isaiah 50:4, 2 Corinthians 8:7, Ephesians 4:29, Titus 2:7-8. All these verses talk to us about the words that comes out of our mouth.
How seasoned are the words that comes out of your mouth? Do they bring peace, life, motivation, assurance, hope and love etc to whoever it is being spoken to or it brings curses, war, tears hate etc into the future of those around?

Let us try it from today. Let us change our words. They are powerful weapons more than the guns and tankers we see around going for wars. Remember to control your words. I am working on mine. You don't need tools to change. Just tell God to season your words and learn to control them especially in your angry times.

Enjoy your week and stay blessed.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Once again we have a sound weekend here with us. I really love weekends because I get time to rest and see those I stay with in my neighborhood. I usually leave the house early between 5 and 5:30am and return to the house around 9pm. I leave the house early because I hate to be caught up in vehicular traffic but what I run away from in the morning is always what I face every evening when I close.

Today I want to write a little about myself to all my loved ones out there getting my self closser and making them know more about the one they read from always. =)
My name is Worlasi Akai as you already know and I was born somewhere on the 15th of March 198..... in the Central Region of Ghana.
I started my basic education there, completed my high school and later my tertiary education. I studied accounting in high school and procurement during my tertiary education. I currently work in the procurement department of a media firm here in Ghana. We are a family of six and I am the third born. The eldest is a girl, followed by a guy, then me before our last born who is also a girl.
I used to attend church with the International Central Gospel Church[ICGC] here in Ghana but later my love for hymns turned me to join the Methodist. I really love hymns soo much. I love to watch football and honnestly the team I support is Chelsea in the english premiership.

Emmmm, what else should I say? Anyway, that is something little about me but if you have specific questions that you want to ask or if there is something you were expecting me to talk about that I didn't, kindly feel free to scroll down and ask in the formspring box on the left of the blog and I will surely answer you.
I wish you a happy weekend and I am soo grateful to God for how far He has brought us through our blogging friendship.

Friday, January 07, 2011


It is soo interesting sometimes in life when we try to find excuses for everything we should have done but did not do. Sometimes, we personally feel it is enough but just to prove we are innocent, we manufacture all types of excuses just to make whoever is listening believe that we are either telling the truth or something else.

Let us start from our personal success and our daily life activities. Some of us already have in mind those we will blame should we fail to make in life. We sometimes look down on ourselves soo much to the extent that we believe nothing good can come out of us. Whenever we are going to take any task, we usually say "if I do this or go there and I don't get this or that, this person is the cause etc. A bigger portion of our success in life depends on we ourselves and not your parents who gave birth to you or any body else. Just imagine a student who fails in an exams and starts putting blame on his or her teacher that the teacher never taught him or her what was going to come in the exams or blamed the parents that they never sent him or her to a good school. Meanwhile there are other students in the same school or grade as you with far more worse conditions at home than you are facing yet they still make the grades but you find someone to push the blame to. You are entering a job interview and all you could say to yourself was " as for this interview, I don't think I can make it" and when you come out and truely you miss out, you blame the interviewer for giving you difficult questions or your family for not backing you with prayers when you went. Hard luck I call it are caused mostly as a result of our thinking. Thinking negetives about ourselves. I agree in life one must consider the negatives too for good decision making but its becoming too much and the blame game is going on. Excuses and thinking such as I just cant do it, this is too much for me, am not rich, I come from a poor home, none of my family has made it past this age or stage, am too ugly to contest[when you have not taken a second look at your judge], I can't go now so let me hide here for the mean time, they are looking for 3 years experience but I have only 1 or 2, am not popular, the same thing happened last year and it was not easy so I wont even attempt this time round etc are words, comments or thinking that kill our desire to succeed and push forward and they limit is from reaching our goals by demotivating us completely. They usually sound good to the ears and make you free or justified but that is just for a short period of time.

Let us see one small religious aspect of this excuses and blame game. Why do most people refuse responding to the call from God to serve Him? There are soo many excuses that we give. Examples are; I did not hear Him calling, I can't leave my work and family and go about travelling over countries preaching, am not a pastor or a preacher, I can't pray for long hours, I can't perform any miracles to show that I was called, the devil will now turn its attention to me and my family, I just came to the church about a month ago so I can't because people are here for over decades, I have commited the greatest sin ever and so on.
Just add your own excuse and you will realize how you have dennied yourself from success and also disallowed God from using you etc. We make and unmake life by our choices and thinking. Limit yourself in your mind and your thinking is shallow. Keep giving yourself excuses in life and you will always fall behind, blame others for your downfalls or short comings and you will never take responsibility for anything.

Instead of Adam to take responsibility and stand bold, he listened to Eve and ate the fruit God told them not to eat and when God came, both Adam and Eve were now playing the blame game with Eve blaming the snake and Adam blaming Eve but they still suffered the outcome because they had the power to say no and turn things round. Have you realized that because of the excuses and the blame game you have been playing, a project you planned carrying out since 2006 is still hanging, you have not achieved your aim to saving that amount of money etc?
Let us begin to take responsibiity for our actions, stop blaming others and also stop giving flimsy excuses for no matter the amount of success or motivational books that we read, if we don't change our way of thinking we remain the same as we are and blame others when we are the very people responsible for our own troubles.

A man can get discouraged many times but he is not a failure until he begins to blame somebody else and stops trying. [John Burroughs]
Have a blessed weekend

Saturday, January 01, 2011


New year resolutions are made on every new year. Actually I think some people should be prevented from making any new resolutions because they still have unattained resolutions.

What can you say are the high and lows of your personal life during the year 2010? In Ghana, 2010 began with church services throughout the country and so did 2011. Every 31 of December is a very busy time for most people in Ghana. At the beginning of the year, many resolutions are made. I still believe some of us have resolutions that were set since somewhere 2006 and we have never achieved them till date. We all made or set targets at the beginning of the year. The questions I want us to ask ourselves now are;
1.With regards to your personal life, how have you fared in the year 2010?

2.Were there improvements as compared to 2009 or the previous years?

3.What additional values have you added to your life in 2010?

4. Your plans, targets, resolutions and projections that you made for the year 2010, how many have you achieved?

5. Your family. Have you been there for them always? Dad, were you there for mommy and the kids? Did you scream at them when they called you or wanted to play with you?

6. How has your relationship with God been in 2010? The promises you made to Him and all the vows you made. Do you think you could have done better?

7. We the children also need to review our year. It is very necessary. If we are still in school, let us look at our past results at the end of the academic year or after our exams. Is your school result what mom and dad would be proud of after all the investments they are doing concerning your education? The fees they are paying, the accommodation, books, travel etc.

You can add your own questions but as I sat in the office to write this post during break time, I felt the year 2010 rather came to an end too soon. Am finding it difficult to understand how it came to an end all of a sudden. That is life. No one knows when. There is no need to rush in life. I know we must face life one step at a time as some people do say but sit down and think about all that happened in 2010. First sit alone and do a personal review. Identify your mistakes and look out for where you need improvement. After searching through yourself, if you are married I suggest you sit down with your partner. Review your marriage, how best you could have loved each other, prevented those little quarrels that came by during the year 2010 and how best you could have given the kids the happy home they have always admired or dream about. Sit with the children too and talk to them. Remember the children are the reason behind all those investments and suffering you are going through. Involve them in reviewing the past 2010 year and they will tell you what they were expecting you to do as a father or mother some time past but you never did because you never gave them the listening ear.
Its nice to make resolutions but I think we just don't have to make them just because everyone is doing so every new year. Let us learn to set goals or aims that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound - SMART. Don't just dream because people are dreaming or because you hear people say you dream when you sleep. Don't just make new year resolutions. I agree to the "dream big" concept where we are to dream without limits and encouraged to think big but its one thing dreaming or making new resolutions and its one thing achieving them. If we are to pay for all our unattained goals or resolutions, some of us would have been bankrupt by now. A friend once said if resolutions were sold in the market, man would have bought only the little that he can achieve so as not to waste his money.

We only thank God because it is free and we are simply encouraged to ask. We also have the faith that when God makes a promise to us or when we ask God for something, it can only delay but surely we will get it. He gives it to us at the right time. Maybe this is just one of the reasons for your resolution way back 2005 not coming to pass till date but before you make that excuse make sure you have done what you are supposed to do. If someone owed you money or took a loan from you and asked for one year grace period to pay back the loan, you may have seen it as "insane" or never a possibility but just look at how the year 2010 passed by. Its never too late. Just give a try once more and trust God. Put your faith in Him and He will never let you down. I said God because for me He is the one I worship and have all my hope in. If you read and you have a different deity from my God, you should trust or have faith in that your deity but I will be happy if you will just permit me to recommend mine to you. He is God and has never failed me.

I wish you all the best in the year 2011. Work hard toward the achievement of your various resolutions so as not to not to carry them into 2012 should the grace take you there. Repeat not the mistakes of life in 2011 and remember to keep a smile always.