Thursday, March 10, 2011


John 1:46 And Nathanael said unto him, Can there any good thing come out of Nazareth? Philip saith unto him, Come and see. KJV

This word came into mind today as I sat at the back seat of a 33 seater bus on my way to work trying to complete my sleep. This question comes our way in life. I want us to see it a little out of the biblical context and relate it to our personal, family work and social lives.
Nathanael asked this Philip, Can any thing good come out of Nazareth? I think Nathanael should have known Narareth very well to say or ask this. He may know the types of personalities, the people, work and things that happen in Nazareth and was sure nothing good could have come out. He may have also compared Nazareth to other cities and drawn a conclusion that there was nothing good going to come out or it was not going to attract anything good thing. Finally he was proved wrong and to confirm this, he was invited by Philip to come and see it for his own eyes.

In life, we meet this question. It is either we ask ourselves, we asked about others or other ask about us. It is one of the questions we ask ourselves before making our final decisions. In marriage or relationships, we ask ourselves whether anything good can come out of the relationship or whether anything good can come out of each other. At the work place, recruitment managers look at our resume and ask the same question, can anything good come out of this applicant or this employee? At school, above average and average students do ask the same question about the below average and the poorly performing students, when things are not going on well in life with us, we sometimes ask ourselves and so do even some of our parents. Some parents do have their choices when it comes to the children they gave birth to themselves and ask if anything good can come out of those they don't really like.
A question likle this makes us feel looked down upon. It makes us feel inferior and brings sadness to our heart. The future is unknown and with a thousand years being like one day and one day being like a thousand years before the Lord anything can happen at anytime to transform a life. Our position up there shouldn't give us the edge to ask our fellow mates down there such questions. We need not to look down upon them but give then encouraging words. The position you are in and thinking you are at the highest level, someone is higher than you, better than you and there is something better coming out of the person.

Yes, there are a millions of good things that can come out of Nazareth, that can come out of you, your son, daughter, employees, that applicant, that fellow student and your country. Instead of we taking delight in demotivating and beigh quick to condemn whiles killing their spirits, let us cheer them up and see the positives whiles we give each person equal chance to prove the little he or she can do. The person you are looking down upon today could be the employer of your children tomorrow and surely you are going to invited to come see it with your own eyes where the Lord has brought them.

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