Friday, January 07, 2011


It is soo interesting sometimes in life when we try to find excuses for everything we should have done but did not do. Sometimes, we personally feel it is enough but just to prove we are innocent, we manufacture all types of excuses just to make whoever is listening believe that we are either telling the truth or something else.

Let us start from our personal success and our daily life activities. Some of us already have in mind those we will blame should we fail to make in life. We sometimes look down on ourselves soo much to the extent that we believe nothing good can come out of us. Whenever we are going to take any task, we usually say "if I do this or go there and I don't get this or that, this person is the cause etc. A bigger portion of our success in life depends on we ourselves and not your parents who gave birth to you or any body else. Just imagine a student who fails in an exams and starts putting blame on his or her teacher that the teacher never taught him or her what was going to come in the exams or blamed the parents that they never sent him or her to a good school. Meanwhile there are other students in the same school or grade as you with far more worse conditions at home than you are facing yet they still make the grades but you find someone to push the blame to. You are entering a job interview and all you could say to yourself was " as for this interview, I don't think I can make it" and when you come out and truely you miss out, you blame the interviewer for giving you difficult questions or your family for not backing you with prayers when you went. Hard luck I call it are caused mostly as a result of our thinking. Thinking negetives about ourselves. I agree in life one must consider the negatives too for good decision making but its becoming too much and the blame game is going on. Excuses and thinking such as I just cant do it, this is too much for me, am not rich, I come from a poor home, none of my family has made it past this age or stage, am too ugly to contest[when you have not taken a second look at your judge], I can't go now so let me hide here for the mean time, they are looking for 3 years experience but I have only 1 or 2, am not popular, the same thing happened last year and it was not easy so I wont even attempt this time round etc are words, comments or thinking that kill our desire to succeed and push forward and they limit is from reaching our goals by demotivating us completely. They usually sound good to the ears and make you free or justified but that is just for a short period of time.

Let us see one small religious aspect of this excuses and blame game. Why do most people refuse responding to the call from God to serve Him? There are soo many excuses that we give. Examples are; I did not hear Him calling, I can't leave my work and family and go about travelling over countries preaching, am not a pastor or a preacher, I can't pray for long hours, I can't perform any miracles to show that I was called, the devil will now turn its attention to me and my family, I just came to the church about a month ago so I can't because people are here for over decades, I have commited the greatest sin ever and so on.
Just add your own excuse and you will realize how you have dennied yourself from success and also disallowed God from using you etc. We make and unmake life by our choices and thinking. Limit yourself in your mind and your thinking is shallow. Keep giving yourself excuses in life and you will always fall behind, blame others for your downfalls or short comings and you will never take responsibility for anything.

Instead of Adam to take responsibility and stand bold, he listened to Eve and ate the fruit God told them not to eat and when God came, both Adam and Eve were now playing the blame game with Eve blaming the snake and Adam blaming Eve but they still suffered the outcome because they had the power to say no and turn things round. Have you realized that because of the excuses and the blame game you have been playing, a project you planned carrying out since 2006 is still hanging, you have not achieved your aim to saving that amount of money etc?
Let us begin to take responsibiity for our actions, stop blaming others and also stop giving flimsy excuses for no matter the amount of success or motivational books that we read, if we don't change our way of thinking we remain the same as we are and blame others when we are the very people responsible for our own troubles.

A man can get discouraged many times but he is not a failure until he begins to blame somebody else and stops trying. [John Burroughs]
Have a blessed weekend


  1. Blame is our natural instinct. We want to appear good in everyone's eyes - we don't want to be flawed. Accepting blame = humility. Humility is something we all need. Great post again! Be blessed! =)

  2. Thanks sis. Hope you are doing great. Stay blessed.