Friday, April 16, 2010


It was a very short conversation. "I wish I had not married such a man", she concluded.
Thats interesting. In life, we found ourselves at places we will definately not go when given the second chance. It can be your marriage. It got to a time you feel your husband or wife does not deserve you. Sometimes, it can be your kids. They are always putting the rest of the family into trouble whenever they go out. Sometimes, you are just too much and you can no longer bear.

All I want to tell you is YOU ARE WHERE YOU ARE FOR A REASON. Yes, its for a purpose. Its not just for fun. God knows why you are there. He knows why you married that husband who is not the person you really wish for in life, who is poor, rich etc. God knows why you gave birth to those kids whose bevaviour is not like that of your next doors kids.

You are in that family as a father for a reason. you are there as a mother for a reason and even you are there as a child for a reason. You are even in that church for a purpose.

Let me link it to the Bible a bit. Do you remember Esther very well? Please read Esther 4:14. That is where my point actually is for us all to learn something from. When the time comes for you to prove your worth, you will do it in style to the glory of God. The same applies to Joseph. His brothers have their own reason to sell him but God knows why he was sold and why he went to Egypt.

You are blessed so shine where you are now so don't regret it and give thanks to God. You are who you are. You are where you are for a purpose.


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