Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I was very much supprised when I entered the premises of this much talked about insurance firm. My friends, it was good and I must confess I have not seen or heard of any insurance firm of this nature ever.
Among the areas you are insured are Life, against death, future, marriage, education, Long life, happiness, safety, Hope, Love and anything you can think off. An insurance company whose manager never sleeps nor slumber, who has already paid your premium even years ago before you were born, etc.
The manager is very loving, He cares for your needs, He gives you Hope when you are hopeless, gives you peace in times of troubles, remains faithful even when you were unfaithful to Him at the time of filling your insurance form.
Claims are fast and there are no delays at all. Claims are paid from the first day you apply and unlike other insurance companies I know where you are being paid when something happens to you, this insurance company am talking of rather protect you from anything happening to you seven days a week.
You don't actually pay any money or premium but you get value for your money.
It is in no rush to compete with any other companies but it tops the insurance rating table when the ratings comes every out every month.
It got to a time I personally became confused and asked myself how the company is going to make profit and secure funds to pay its workers but the manager told me "ALL THE SILVER AND GOLD THAT WE RUSH FOR ON THIS EARTH ARE HIS". What does this man mean? I opted to see the CEO but I was told no one can see the CEO unless through His son who is the manager.
To be insured with this company, you need not fill any forms. Just be sincere to yourself, accept you are a sinner, confess your sins and believe in the manager who mentioned His name to be JESUS CHRIST that is all. NO PAPER WORK, SIMPLE , NO DOWN PAYMENT AND IT TAKES ONLY A MINUTE. WHY NOT JOIN NOW?

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