Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Education is very necessary in our lives. After all the Bible even tells us to study to show ourselves approved( 2 Timothy 2 vs 15) but unto God(not man) even though the same Bible says in Ecclesiastes 12 vs 12 that "........... and much study is a weariness of the flesh." With the Bible not making mention of degrees in criminal justice, finance or accounting qualification, one is free to choose whether to secure his or her educational qualifications either through online while doing the learning at home or on the campus.
With the current financial problems, I feel the global financial warming at every nook of my room to the extent that the aircondition can even bear witness.
Parents do their best to educate their children to the highest level at least to attain their college diploma, degree or even MBA. With the almighty Amity university allowing for the study MBA with blessed scholarship oppurtunities offered all around, it is still sad when you come across families especially in some part Africa who take their dinner without excuse me to say a tail of the fish in the soup to give some protien simply because all the money saved has been used to pay school fees so that the child will have a better future one day.
After spending all the working years trying to get the qualifications needed, its supprising when one comes out of an interview room with a long face depicting his or her inability to secure a much desired job simply because he or she has no years of working experience.
I just don't understand this. I know the company is neither for my dad nor myself but is it necessary employers demand working experience before employing? Upon all the MBA, degree, Mcips, diploma, Doctorate degree etc, do we still need a working expeience before giving hope to employees or job seekers? Universities such as the Open University offer open arms to welcome students each year and students pass out with great grades but these employers sometimes kill our dreams.
People have worked for many years but keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Sometimes, you even feel there is no need for schooling because the main aim after schooling can't be attained simply because you don't have a working experience.
Sometimes, I understand these employers because they expect you to poduce results and plung right into effective work when employed right away which is not bad at all because work can't come to a halt just because of your inexperience and they can't risk that.

The question I want to ask here is that, who should risk it and employ a fresh student from university or college only to gain the experience for you to employ him or her? Why will employers not just give fresh college and university graduates a chance to have the necessary skills needed and motivate them to have the necessary experience so they stay with them forever?

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