Thursday, January 14, 2010


Hello, this is my fist blog and am not happy in anyway because I just dont understand the continent from which I was born.
Many people love to live in peace. As much as we could, we try to eliminate misunderstanding to bring peace among ourselves. With an easy way to travel round this continent, you can just appreciate its beauty.
Sometimes, I tend to ask myself whether God knew in advance what the nature of africans will be resulting to Him creating us differently from the rest of the world. When we can employ ourselves to work for the good of Africa, war has taken over our mind. Shipping of unwanted gargets has taken over through the bush.
This continent if anyone inquire from me about it, I will say is the most beautiful among all continents. It is blessed with many riches ranging from diamonds, golds, manganese, cocoa, timber and any mineral you can think about.
We don't all expect misunderstanding to divide us. I was just stunned and even is up till now that you are reading this blog when I heard of the attack on the national team of Togo. Is it all because of oil? Look at all the mineral deposits on this blessed continents. Apart from Ghana where I come from which is also questionable, all the other African countries with all these mineral deposits have series of war. I dont want to talk of oil because when I do, Nigeria comes in mind, should I hide my face and mention cocoa, Ivory Coast will surface. Am just confused.
Now, if the group that attacked the Togolese national team says they are sorry, will it bring the dead back to life? I was very sad when a friend said he doesn't think the group would have attacked the team if it had known the bus was carrying a football team but the question is does this my friend mean innocent lifes were free to be sprayed at with an AK-47 they were not footballers?
Some school of thought says the competition should have been called off in solidarity to those killed. Hmmmmm, we always feel proud to associate ourselves with stars not to mention Micheal Essien, Diddier Drogba, Solomon Kalou and John Mikel Obi all of the mighty chelsea from this beautiful continent. The presence of all these stars can't stop the bullet from coming out of the angry AK-47. Are we sure these pictures above are the very memories we want to leave behind for our innocent children?
The only time we laugh in africa is during football seasons. The African Cup of Nations(AFCON) is an important tool that unites the whole africa but why at all should we baptize the beautiful game with shedding of innocent human blood?
What at all to you is the cause of all these killings in africa? Is it the greedy nature of the various leaders we have voted ourselves? Anyway are our leaders greedy at all? I don't want to answer but what do also think is the root cause of all these shootings and killings in my beautiful, lovely and blessed AFRICA?
It is very sad but sometimes I tend to agree with God for making our skin "black" and keeping us at this section of the planet earth.

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