Monday, January 25, 2010


It is a bright new day and I can already feel the blessings God has stored up for you and me in the month of Feruary.
I will be talking this time about forgiveness. I know sometimes it is very difficult to forgive one another. Sometimes, the pain is just too much to forget about. We read it in the Bible always, "God created man in His own image" but sometimes, the pain fellow men leave behind after dealing with us is difficult to forget and forgive them and I tend to ask myself, are these people created in the image of God? I just can't imagine God creating someone in His image and likeness for the one to be that wicked to me.

As human, we will surely find it difficult to forgive sometimes but as much as we could, we should try our best to forgive one another anytime we are being offended.
It does happen to me sometimes but what I really ask myself after keeping that pain in my heart is the benefits afterwards. The person offends you sometimes knowingly and at other times unknowingly and leaves with a free mind. You keep all the pain in you waiting for a perfect time to pay him or her back in his or her own coin.
What about you just forgiving the one and going forward to explain things to him or her peacefully suggesting a better way for things to be done or a better way to approach you next time?
It may be difficult but I don't think it will cost us anyhing if we forgive one another.

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