Wednesday, January 20, 2010


She entered without knocking and offered herself a seat. I had no option but as I was about to speak, she asked me why I have decided to change from is to was?
The begining of every relationship is lovely and interesting and it is the wish of partners to continue forever but beware of the following you guys. The earlier you remove these cobwebs from your love life, the better.
The first important thing all men need to know is ladies love guys or men who make time for them. They don't take excuses if you are always going to work and relegating them to the bottom of your priorities. They expect you to be available anytime they call on you and also to back them anytime they found themselves in a debate even when they are wrong. If you know they are wrong, back them in public and correct them in secret. Give all your time to your partner without working and the next minute, they will brand you as a lazy man who can't even put a three course meal on the family dinning table.

Secondly, if you are a guy who loves to say the last word in every discussion, please desist from that because women loves to have the last words always and that is final. After they speak, case close. Any word from the man starts a new debate and argument and if you are not careful, you will never sleep to have enough rest for work the next day.

They love to make fun and pull your legs but beware when replying or else, you will cook your own breakfast the following morning.

Fellow men, when you are indoors and you hear a knock on the door, you are expected to open the door within some reasonable time of period. Failure to do so raises eye brows and she begins smell a rat.

What of sending her a text message on her phone at reasonable times during the day(over doing it may seems like you are blogging on her phone) , ending every conversation with 'I love you", playing with the baby whiles she does the cooking or washing, telling her how special she is all the time, complaining less, admitting your wrongs, finding it easy to say AM SORRY to ask for her fforgivness anytime you go wrong, arranging to go for holidays away from home together, being open and not keeping all things to yourself thinking you are handling it as a man, buying her present on odd days and not only when it is her birthday, planting a lovely kiss on on her forehead when waking up from bed(of course not when you know very well you did not brush your teeth when going to bed that evening and you have some left over pizza stored up in there), being smart to know her needs and providing her with it before she ask for, making her number one on your scale of preference etc?

A relationship that is full of love, happiness, etc IS one that needs recommendation and what we all aspire for or else, the story will change to a relationship that WAS..........

How do you feel when someone you love dearly decides to turn down your proposal?
You feel you are carrying the whole earth huh?

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