Friday, January 22, 2010


To make a great impact in life, one needs to go beyond his or her boarders. Sometimes, we feel down and loose focus at the little hurdle that comes our way leading to our backing out from any challenge. Whatever the case may be, the best source of motivation I have come accross in my life is myself. There are a host of motivation books flying on the market with a lot of motivational speakers organising seminars around but I tell you none of their books or speaches go without first telling you to renew your mind.
Your way of thinking has a great effect on your output or results . Think as a looser and forever shall you dwell among loosers. When down or disappointed in life, the first remedy is to change your way of thinking. Think positive but that does not mean do not consider the what if's of your decision.

You can see a motivational speaker or read inspirational books but if you don't change your way of thinking and think as a winner or change your way of tackling issues, forever will you remain the same.
Countries have boundries that is why we need visas and other documents to travel to such countries but I tell you, your thinking capacity has no limit. Feel free to think into any country of your choice.
The more options you have, the better your chances.

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