Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Suddenly, I stopped thinking about tomorrow. I actually stopped thinking about the future not even the next minute. The whole world came to a stand still.
I don't actually know your religious background as you read this blog but do you believe in the second coming of the "King of the Jews" as it was inscribed on His cross? Recent occurances in the world actually does not only put fear in us but leave us with a lot of questions that we can't really answer ourselves.
God loves all mankind and the Bible says He loves sinners the more but I think the recent earthquake in Haiti tells a different story. The Bible tells us about things we should expect when the world is coming to an end and severe earthquakes was an integral part of that. Even if what happened in Haiti is anything to go about religiously, the question is why did God decide to use Haiti when the country is already going through economic hardships?

What of the ongoing wars and other strange things going on in other countries?
Does these strange happenings ring any bell to you irrespective of your religion?
Am actually confused but are we safe?
The earthquake hoax in Ghana on the dawn of Monday 18th January 2010 may be funny but hmmm. Do you know how I was dressed when I jumped out of bed and came out of my room on that "faithful" dawn?
But am confused. Was it supposed to be an earthquake or it was supposed to be a buildingquake because people came out of their rooms and stood outside. Am just wondering if they think where they were standing was not part of the earth. Sound funny....
Why don't we all seek this man people say is the saviour? I learnt His name is Jesus Christ. You can have your freedom though if you don't need Him but have you heard people saying the world is going to come to an end in 2012? what do you make of the earthquake, wars and difficulties the world is going through now? Should we start believing all the "stories" about the world coming to an end in 2012?

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