Thursday, January 14, 2010


I just hope am not scaring you with this my blog because I feel the fear myself anytime I tend to think about this subject. Hve you thought of it too? Is there any day you decided to stop thinking how to make money or run your business and focus on this alone?
The question I want to ask here is very simple. What would have been your punishment for man if you were God on the judgement day?
None is perfect I know and we are full of mistakes also. The rate at which we break promises to our husbands and wifes and even to those we are in relationships with, twice that rate we do break our promises that we make to God.
From creation, man has always been different. You just look at this comparison; during creation, God said "let there be light", ect and there was. Its like almost all the things he created He did so out of just mentioning it or as I do say speaking the word.
Now let us come to the creation of you and I. I remember very well that God said "let us create man in our own image and in our likeness" Wow!! What an oppurtunity to be exactly like the potter Himself. Everyday, we meet people with some deformities or illness that has deformed parts of their bodies making them look "a little bit strange" not like ourselves and we look like them in certain ways and styles. Some of them had this from birth and it is no fault of theirs but you and I despise them even though God said He created us in His own image.
In us is the breath of life. We breath before singing, speaking, etc but the question is do we do that in the glorification of God? How effectively can you account for the breath of life God has given you so far? To steal, kill as is going on in Africa and you name it.
Hmmmm, others say God is caring, loving and good. I see no wrong with that but the question that most people ask is that if God really loves us and knows all that will happen to us even before we were born, why did He not put measures in place to stop us from sinning? Why does God still want the evil to happen, our friends to die, people to fall sick etc? I also understand God too because man has never been faithful to Him. Even when Adam sinned, God himself came around in the Garden that night to look for Adam. Hope you have seen the picture am trying to exhibit here. Man sinned and instead of man going to God to confess and plead for forgiveness, he decided to hide from God and to my supprise, man added that " he was afraid and hid himself when he heard the voice of God". Oh man, when?
As for me, I don't really know but have we been faithful to God enough? Does God really deserve the kind of lifestyle you are putting up before Him? At what percentage will you rate yourself when God gives you the chance?
Is this not worth to think off?

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