Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Sometimes, I feel down when things go bad in my life. There are times we need to do things over and over again to get them right. We end up becoming frustrated and angry at our own actions and inability to get it right first time. Sometimes we just quit.
The decision to quit is not bad but for some time now, I do ask myself if it is the best choice.
Challenging yourself to get things right opens us to a whole lot of options and knowledge. The sophisticated electronic gargets we see and use in our homes we not done at a go. Inventors of cars, computers or laptops, aircraft and the space shuttles etc that we see or admire took time and they never backed down from the challenge or their aim. We must keep trying. JUST ONCE MORE. Why have you decided to quit? Why are you sitting in the house thinking? Is it because the sixty companies you sent your application to did not call you even for an interview not to talk of offering you a job? Why have you decided to stop updating your blog? Is it because you feel no one reads and comments on your post? Why have you decided to stop giving to the poor? Is it because you don't receive even though the Bible says give and it shall be given unto you? Why don't you work hard any longer? Don't tell me its because your hard work is not noticed by those around you and most importantly, why have you putting a stop to praying? Don't tell me it is because you don't receive any answers from God.
Why don't you try once more? Why don't you try applying for the job once more? Why don't you just give once more? Why don't you just pray once more?
Success and perfection may not come within a day. Never forget that winners and successful men never quit and those who quit and loosers never win.

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