Friday, February 26, 2010


The story of Job in the Bible is a story with lot of lessons. From now till somewhere in march, I would like us to learn some of the lessons found in Job so we apply it to our chrisitan lifes.
We shall start from Job chapter 1. In this chapter, the Bible teaches us that Job was a perfect and upright man and one that feared God and eschewed evil.What a man? Anyway, you can see that he was blessed with children and a lot of animals and the Bible tells us he was the greatest of all the men of the east (vs 3). The chapter 1 talks mainly about his wealthiness to the begining of his suffering. The questions and the lessons in this chapter are;
1. The bible describes him as a perfect and upright man that eschewed evil(vs 1). What of us? How upright and perfect are we and how smart are we to eschew evil in todays modern world?
2. Imagine having all those riches and animals and being the greatest man in America, Asia, Afica, your office or family or wherever you come from. How will you feel? Are you going to be proud? Will you help the poor or you will keep them to yourself?
3. How often do you pray for your sons? Look at vs 5. Job knew in the midst of joy, his sons may say things ungodly so he made sacrifices and prayed on their behalf. Do we do that? How often do we pray on behalf of our family, children, employers, friends etc?
4. Should satan go before God to ask permission to destroy us, how sure do we think God will be about us? Can God boldly give us out for a second without us turning our back on Him? Is our faith that strong that God can use us for an "experiment" as He did to Job? I don't know your name now but can God say to satan, hast thou considered my servant William, Worlasi or daughter Natalie, Josephine etc? Just put your name there and ask yourself. Can God withness about your faithfulness to Him to the devil?
5. Look at the last verse in chapter 1. In times of trouble and difficulties, what do you say to God? The first thing Job did was to worship God after which he said "Naked I come........" (vs 20-22). What would have been your first word or action if you loose all those riches and children?

To be continued........

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