Thursday, March 04, 2010


This is the concluding part of our lessons from the book of Job. The first part was a blessing unto me and I believe you were blessed too. Now, as a woman what do you say to your husband in times of difficulties? Do you say words of motivation or your words are full of pain? Look at the wife of Job. When things were going on well with all those riches, she never cursed God or adviced her husband to curse God. Of what quality are you my dear woman? How useful are you to your husband and how seasoned are the words that come out from your mouth? How did Job descride how his wife was speaking as in the chapter 2 versus 10 and I want to ask how your husband, friend or whoever you are in a relationship with describe your speach?
A quick look at the chapter one again versus 22, we learn that in all the calamities and troubles, Job never sinned nor charged God foolishly. It is quite supprising how we are quick to blame even God on the little thing that goes wrong in our life. When you read on, you realize that instead of Job cursing God, he cursed the day he was born. God knows us all. He knows our weakness and our strenghts. Some of the troubles we go through in life may rightly come from the devil anyway but the devil sought for permision from God. Don't let God down by turning away from Him in hard times. He loves us and will keep us. Also, let us be wifes and friends of substance. We should not only expect good things and blessings from God. God will never give us loads we cannot carry and trust Him to always give us a helping hand in life. You will be amazed at your reward.

Have a nice day and stay blessed.

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