Thursday, March 04, 2010


I was trying to compare the life of the christian today to some of the declarations in the Bible. It actually got to a time I couldn't help but burst out with laughter and I think its worth sharing it with you.

In DEUTERONOMY CHAPTER 28:13, all that was required of us was to keep the commandments of God and we shall never be the tail or beneath but shall always be the head and above. What do we see today? Are you first in all the competitions you enter into? Do people treat you first? Do you always feel you are second to someone?

Have you prayerfuly read LUKE 12:22 - 30? If no, please read now because you are missing something. We are told not to think of what we will eat or wear but I see and hear christians praying for food and other things already provided.

Why do we always go about following miracles when miracles are rather to follow us only when we believe? Sometimes it is interesting when you visit prayer camps. Read MARK 16:17-20.

Why are we still strugling with the mountains in our lives? We are to speak to the mountain and it will move but do they really move? The mountain in your life may be your problems or difficulties etc. What do you think is left? Read MATTHEW 17:20 if your mountain is not moving.

Lastly, we are being asked to let our light shine before men so that in the end, God will be glorified. Simple but what do we see today? Man takes all the glory to himself anytime he does something for his/her neighbour. Instead of us to say God is wonderful and good, we sometimes hear people say "the pastor is good, the pastor has done well, the pastor has healed me etc" Read MATTHEW 5:16.

Am I telling the truth here? Which part of your life needs correction with respect to these?

By the time you finish reading,I hope to be back.
Have a blessed day.

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