Friday, March 26, 2010


This edition of our usual weekend special has to be written bit by bit due to the pressure at work throughout the week but thanks be to God for making it a reality. Hope you are all doing well. Anyway, a friend told me he couldn't comment on my last weekend special because he was at fault and was guilty. Anyway am sorry but if you were also. It is never too late to change and give a helping hand to someone who needs it.

Am going to talk today about us "ASPIRING BEFORE WE EXPIRE". Read Ecclesias 3 and I please want you to focus on the verse 2. There is a time to be born and a time to die. We must do something my dear brother, sister, mum and dad before we die. What are we doing to help the Kingdom of God? A time is coming and it shall surely come that we will expire from the surface of this earth. Are we too focussed on the job that only puts dollars and cedis onto your pocket relegating Gods work to the ground? What are we doing with what God has given us? The knowledge, wealth etc. A time is coming when I may not be able to write new post and a time is coming when you may not be able to read or comment on my post because you may either be dead or I may be dead by then.

Get up and do something. The second hand of the wall clock in your room is still moving. It never stops and that should tell you time will never wait for you. Do something, take up the challenge before you leave because it will be a disappointment if God reveals to us one day the energy, talents and blessings etc given to us that we did nothing with. A poor boy is waiting for your help, your family, friends etc. Do something and leave a smile on their faces before you expire.
Pray to God to reveal to you what He expects from you whiles you are alive.

God bless you and have a blessed weekend.


  1. It's amazing how God is using your blog to speak to me. You recently posted a comment on my blog and I began reading your posts. I just finished reading through Ecclesiates last week, and listened to a sermon by David Platt that was so convicting. I am praying over what God wants me to do aspire to do next in my life. He just brought me through an incredible professional journey. Enjoy reading your blog.

  2. Thanks for your comment and I thank God for using this blog to affect your life positively. May His name be praised. Your comments inspires me and I thank God for your life. Stay blessed.