Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Football is a game I love watching but sometimes it presents to you a pill that is bitter to swallow especially when your team looses. I remember watching the second leg of the match between chelsea and Inter millan at the stamford bridge. It got to a time I started praying in my seat that chelsea should just score a goal but it turned out to be chelsea being scored a goal.

Let us come to real life situations. Sometimes, we want things to go our way. We wish we had good things. One thing I asked my self was is there no God in Italy? Don't they pray in Italy too? Why then should God listen to me alone? That is life. God is fair and tells us to give thanks to Him in all things whether good or bad. We find it easy to give Him thanks when thing go right for us but when things go wrong we find it difficult.
I understand it sometimes. Its a human feeling. Imagine saying thank you God when you loose your only child, ejected from your home or you loose your job. Someone somewhere may even think you intentionally killed your child and say you are going out of your mind but I tell you it is the right thing to do.

We need to thank God in all things. Sometimes its for good that things went bad and because we don't understand it we say all sort of things leading to us missing the blessings accompanying those difficult times. All you need to say is THANK YOU GOD and things will change. Sometimes, God just want to see how grateful we are in difficult times and most of us fail this simple test.

Would you have found it easy saying thank you God if you were in Haiti and you lost all your belongings after the earthquake?


  1. This really made me think about how I often only thank God when times are good, sometimes its hard during the difficult times. Usually those are the times I grow most as a believer.

  2. Thanks for your comment and I agree with you its not easy saying thank you God in difficult times but doing so also takes us to a different level with God. Thanks for reading and God bless you as we now learn to say thank you God in moments of difficulties.