Monday, March 15, 2010


It was in the early hours of sunday dawn, on the 15th of March 198... It was around 1am I remember very well my mom said as she tells me something about my birth. As I grew up, I used to cry always especially when she wanted to have some sleep and according to her I loved food. Just funny isn't it? Anyway, today am fully grown but not very old. Am just in my early twenties. Yes don't be supprised and you heard me right and if you keep imagining whether am a male or female, am a male.

With all these, little did I know I will grow up to live to see this day. Some of those I shared the same birthday with around the world are dead but am alive to see this day. God has been so faithful to me. He has blessed me. Little did I know I will make it today but am blessed to be counted among the living. So are you. God has a purpose for you. People are eating the so called balanced diet and they are dying. They are attending the best hospitals and having personal doctors yet they are dying everyday.
We don't eat the best meal or attend the best hospitals but we are living. It is by Grace and this grace has always been sufficient everyday to keep us going.

Never shall we die, we were created for a purpose and until that purpose is achieved never shall we be wiped away from the surface of this earth. We serve a living God.

This is my little encouragement for you as I celebrate my biythday today. God bless you all and thanks a lot for reading my post always.

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