Friday, March 19, 2010


By now, you may either be in bed, on break at the office or searching through your mail or your blogs. Am also in Ghana trying to make the best I can.

Anyway, I know most of us are at fault with regards to what am about to say. Am talking this time about giving or sharing. I know you give your tithes at church etc but am talking about practical giving. Some of us just feel reluctant to share. God has blessed you. You now have a van, a salon car etc. On sundays, you sit in this car alone to church. When you meet your fellow church members on the way walking, all you do is to blow your horn or whatever and wave instead of picking him or her.

Have you ever seen other children wearing the same school uniform as your children standing or walking by the road side whiles you drove your kids,sisters or brothers to school? Did you stop to pick them up? Do you know who offered your kids,sisters or brothers water or even pen to write when they needed one after you have "dumped" them in school? Probably its the same kids you refussed picking up on the road.

People drive their cars alone to work and refuse helping those standing by the road side going in the same direction. Its nice to offer a helping hand anytime you can.

Let me tell you a secret about giving or sharing. Imagine giving one dollar each to ten people who are in need. You spend ten dollars. The next week, you needed five dollars urgently and these ten people you helped in appreciation came around offering two dollars each. Its not about the profit aspect but the abundance. More than what you needed. Hence the saying "the more you give, the more you receive"

God has only one son but He gave Him for us. Abraham was ready to sacrifice his only son and now look at his decendants. Its not about giving big for everyone to see but the little ones. You have friends at work,school etc who need motivation, inspiration etc. You know of this blog site as a source of inspiration and motivation but you have never shared it with them and always read it alone. Please share, give and be a blessing unto others. You will not loose anything.

Am going to miss reading your comments but wishing you all the best this weekend. stay blessed and never forget to be a blessing to someone.


  1. asem sebe...hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  2. For those who doesn't understand pearl's comment, all that she is saying here is "that is the truth" or "that is it". she said it in one of the local ghanaian languages.
    pearl, thanks and stay blessed.