Monday, March 29, 2010


Hello all my friends out there including you who always read my blog, yes I mean you. Am only trying to knock at your door as a friend to ask how you are doing today. You are soo special to me and I thank God for your lifes. It's a very bright day here in Ghana even though the sun is a little high in the sky. I know by now, some of you are now about to wake up from bed, others are still asleep whiles others are preparing to go to work or even already at work. How was the weekend?

How is the family, daddy, mummy, the kids, my brothers and sisters out there? I thank God for your lives today. I pray for a fruitful day for you and the peace of God which passeth all understanding be your portion this week. May His blood silence all accusers in our life and may our sins be forgiven today. Amen.

Am also fine by Gods grace but please don't forget to say a word of prayer for me too.
Thanks for allowing me into your homes and offices this morning.

Enjoy the week.


  1. Love love love the picture! =)

    So true! God does know what's best!

  2. Thanks Godsgalnj. You see, if we understand God very well, we wont rush in life for certain things.