Thursday, February 11, 2010


I remember very well back in high school we used to mock at other students who never received any cards or gifts on valentine's day. Students who couldn't stand that devised a way which was to wrap up a gift or card, address it to themselves and leave it with the postman only to be delivered later to them at any social gathering so as to be recognised.
As I relaxed in the seat of the bus on my way to work today, I was a little bit at sea because I have now left school and still I don't have anyone standing by that I can count my hopes on to receive a gift from and we are just three days away from vals day. What am I going to do now? I can't just fall in love within three days just because of vals day but I need a card, gift or at least a message too. I need to feel loved. I need to feel I have somebody thinking about me too.
After mentally scanning through all my female friends and yet settling on none, I decided to give up only to receive a proposal the next second.
I heard a voice telling me He fell for me right from my mothers womb and that He even knew me before I was born but how possible can that be? He even said He always stands at my door and knock but I never open up so if I think He is lying, I should go and read Revelations chapter 3 verse 20.
We communicated at lenght within my mind and finally, He asked what I least expected; DO I LOVE HIM? I asked myself how on earth can a man fall in love with another man? I really told him there are a lot of beautiful ladies around so He should please go to them rather but He said no and that am the one He loves. He said he has done a lot to prove His love for me to the extent of Him dying on the cross for me and asked me to imagine the benefits I will get if I say yes.
He is not bad anyway. He is patient, cute, loving, handsome, rich, caring, providing just to mention but a few.
I don't really know what to do. Should I say yes to His proposal? Somebody help me please.

To be continued........

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