Friday, December 17, 2010


Gradually christmas is fast approaching. There are soo many decorations going on here in Ghana on the streets and in front of offices. The markets are also becoming busy gradually with some weather early in the morning [I dont know whether to call it hazy, fog or dew] because I have never seen the snow fall here in Ghana. Don't laugh, am serious. Hahahahahah.

Anyway, this is a traffic light to help celebrate this years christmas and make it a memorable one to you and those around you.


Yes, stop. The christmas is fast approaching. You are planning to do shopping within this week and during next week. Just stop for a minute and consider those around you. Your neighbours who can't afford one kilo or cup of rice. During this festive season, we usually share with those we love alone. Those families who give us in return alone but this time let us look beyond them. Search within the church, your school, neibourhood etc and humbly identify those who are less privilaged, those who can't afford it and make them happy. Remember Jesus Christ came to save those who are lost and not those who are already saved. Lets give to those who can't afford and put them in our plans as we do the shopping. Buy that extra cup of rice, extra litre of cooking oil, extra pound of meat and extra gift for that special person. Put them in your plans as you do your shopping.


After identifying them, get ready to make a move. Put some things together. They need some clothes, shoes, food, some need money, shelter etc. To others, love. Simply telling them I love you or wishing them a merry christmas is enough to make them happy and to give then a sense of belonging. Clean that boys quarters behind your house and put a shelter over someones head. Get ready to make a move or simply prepare. Put the things togethe and show some love.


This is the time. Make a move and go in all directions possible. Take a step for they are waiting. Reach out to them and show some love. Call them home and give them some hope. You know them. Some have complained to you about how they see it impossible to celebrate this christmas due to lack of money or other needs. You know you can provide. Why not help them? Make someone happy. The best way to celebrate this christmas is to show some love to someone. Put that smile of their face and wish them a merry christmas.

Regards and stay blessed as we prepare for this wonderful time. I can see a blessed time ahead this christmas and I will tell you all I did during the christmas. Did I say all? Just watch out.


  1. enjoyed reading this post =)

    giving gifts is such a joy and it's even more of a joy when surprising people with one. And surprising people who initially had no hope of having a good Christmas is the best kind of joy =)

    Thank you for this reminder. I hope you have a great season of Christmas =)

  2. I will Jocelyn and hope you have a blessed one too. Wishing you and the family the best of this festive season. Stay blessed.

  3. love it. very beautiful blog. merry merry xmas dear

  4. Thanks Shokola and welcome to the family. Hope you are having a nice time in Ghana. Merry Xmas to you too dear.