Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Why Are Christian Marriages Failing?

It is always a great joy whenever I receive an invite from young christian brothers and sisters inviting me to their weddings. I put on my best suit and polish my shoe leaving no traces of dust. Just before the vows are said, I begin to get scared. I ask myself; Is this also going to last long? What is the foundation for this marriage? Is this another plot by the devil to just put them together and split them in some few years to come??? Though I am putting down some notes to share here soon, I would like to know from you........WHY DO CHRISTIAN MARRIAGES FAIL????? Share your thought

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  1. For me, I think there are several reasons for the failing of most christian marriages. There are financial reasons, falling out of love, forgiveness, jealousy, when kids start coming in, wrong marriage foundations etc. There are quite a number of them.