Friday, September 24, 2010


I live on the last floor of a four storey building and I must admit it is a nice scene to see when I stand in the window to watch the street in the evening whiles enjoying some cool breeze. On the other hand, it turns out to be a sad scene sometimes especially during weekends when I look down only to see bodies being marched to the cemetary for burial.
One question comes to mind whenever I see the dead being carried away. Whose footstep did they follow whiles they were alive and what footsteps did they leave behind? I want to ask us to ask ourselves whiles alive that whose footsteps are we following in life and what footsteps are we leaving behind?
With so many troubles, wars, premature death etc going on these days in our world, we must learn to live a life worthy of emulation as well as learn fron the right person.

Fathers are leaving footsteps for their sons and mothers for their daughters. Take a break and review your life. Review the path you have once trod. Your footsteps are there for you to make a review. Watch out for our footsteps are being watched closely by those behind us and those coming after us.
We are human and I know some of us will surely say we will make mistakes but please give a second thought about your actions or even about your thought before they turn into actions. What story are you telling about yourself now and what story are you going to tell about yourself when you are gone? I know it may not matter much and that one must live his or her own life but never forget that whatever we do in life afects someone in one way or the other.
Your footsteps will be used to follow you or to find out where you are one day. You think you can erase it? You can't my dear because you will stand before you do the cleaning and wherever you stand will surely be another footstep. The only person who can completely erase a footstep is God.

Becareful of what you do, say or even think. Your thought and actions some time back and even today have affected and is still affecting someone somewhere. My thought now on this blog is affecting a family or an individual somewhere and so will your comment.

Take care and have a blessed weekend and please becareful of the footsteps you are leaving behind.

Am out!!!!!


  1. What a post!!! We must be very careful about what we do or say. Thanks for your post. I feel blessed anytime I read from you. Regards and have a blessed weekend.

  2. Great post! I have to often think about that - I teach Sunday School in my church and I never realized until a couple of months ago how the children watch me... and look up to me. My brothers also watch me - and follow in my footsteps as I follow my parents. There are mistakes but I am learning from them.

    Great post again - God bless!