Friday, September 10, 2010


Anger is one thing that affects us so much in life. I want to ask this simple question;


Some prefer to walk away from the scene. Others also will just speak their hearts out and be free. How do you control yours?

Lets share and help each other.


  1. Sometimes its difficult but and it hurts so much but I prefer walking away from the scene quietly to cool down somewhere else.

  2. Giving in to anger has been a weakness of mine - I live in an angry household. When I get really mad, I have to drown it in something. Sometimes I walk away. Sometimes I go to my room and cry. I eat. ...the best thing to do when you get angry is...walk away and pray.

    Since school started, it became difficult to blog much. The internet connection hasn't been cooperating much with me either. That's why I haven't blogged much lately.

  3. Oh Jocelyn, so sad to hear that you cry sometimes. I only hope you have not ran out of tears. Anyway do you agree that when you are very angry, you hardly remember to pray? Sometimes we act before after seeing the results of our actions, we get into our rooms to pray for forgiveness. Walking away from the scene has been one of the most used ways to treat anger but I think as time goes on you will develop a better way to manage your anger so as not to hurt yourself and those around you.
    God bless you.

  4. Tears are healing - no, they don't take away the problem, but they do help calm a person down. The best thing to do would be to pray - and I know some people *do* pray at those moments. I agree with you - I personally find it difficult to pray at times like that.

    This is a great topic!

    God bless!

  5. Jocelyn... How does tears calm a person down? When someone offends you and you cry, how does that calm you down? Do you feel you are crying the pains out? Am finding this interesting. The tears will come out alright. It will show to those around you that your were hurt but does the tears take the pain or the main thing that happened away from your memory? I think after crying, you still remember very well what happened. Don't you?

    When someone causes you pain and you are crying, what goes through your mind about the person? Does it include a plan or plot of retaliation or to refer him or her one day?
    How then does tears calm you down? Can you please explain further?

    Stay blessed.

  6. When I am angry I practice walking away from the persont that I am angry with, I do not want to go into a state of rage... (sin). Also, I find that as I am getting older I save myself as well as others when I take time to calm myself and gather my members... Sometimes I win and some times I miss the mark...but, I give it all that I have...bless each of you!! Penny

  7. I am following you as well, thanks for the invite!!

  8. Worlasi - I'm not exactly sure of the biology/science behind what happens when we cry that makes us calm down...but in crying, most people tend to feel better about their situation. No the situation isn't changed, but the attitude towards the situation changes.

    For me, when my parents say or do something that completely hurts me (this happens fairly often), I go to my room and cry. I don't make myself cry. It just happens.

    After I let go of the anger and pain through the tears, I can think about the situation with a clearer head. So in crying, I'm releasing my emotions...and then after my emotions are taken care of, I start to think about the situation. What could I have done to prevent something? Do I need changing? Should I go talk to my parents (if something hurt me really really bad)? I think about that for awhile.

    There is definitely an explanation behind how tears can be healing - I'll be researching that when I get the chance to. But for now, I'm speaking from experience, tears are healing.

    Now, I don't cry often but when I do, I experience an inner peace.

    Hope that answers at least a little bit of your questions?

  9. Godsgalnj..... Wow, thanks for the explanation. Am very much grateful and have learnt a lot from your comment. Yes it does answer some questions I had over your first comment. God bless you.