Friday, October 08, 2010


I remember very well, I was very young by then when I got pregnant. Yes don't be supprised, I got pregnant at an early age but its so sad I never gave birth to that baby. I aborted it.

This brings us to our topic for today; ABORTION. This kind of abortion am talking about is the only abortion that is carried out by both male and female. Let me ask you this simple question. Have you ever had a dream that you never lived up to? Yes, that is the abortion am talking about. Whaen I was young, I wanted to be a doctor but am ending up in the procurement feild now. I have killed that doctor dream. I have "aborted" it. So it is with many of us. We have all "aborted" dreams one way or the other.

Sometimes, we kill or abort the dreams either by our own sudden change of mind, by fear, negative thoughts and even those around us have trained themselves to be doctors ready to abort our dreams. Most of us even conceed defeat even before we take on the challenge. Words such as "No, I can't do this, I can't compete in this, I can't afford this, My certificate doesn't match up to his or hers, he or she is more beautiful than me, As for them, they come from a rich family,This is too difficult for someone like me" are all sharp blades and surgical knifes that are ready to help you abort your own dream if you give them the chance to.
Am not very matured but one thing I have known is that those dreams you once had were
natural. Following that dream might have made you great but you have aborted it.

Have a dream, follow it and make it a reality. You have no boundry around your power of imagination and dreaming. Dream big. Inject some positive thinking into your life, follow your dream and let nothing stop you. You don't have money so what? You are not hadsome and you don't have that certificate so what? Don't abort the dream. Live it and make it a reality because you don't know who is waiting for your invention and what help it will be for those around.

Have a blessed weekend and stay blessed.

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  1. I think you are right. Especially, fear takes away our dreams more of the times. God bless you.