Friday, October 15, 2010


"Was this not the same man I saw beating his wife some few minutes ago? How come he is here leading the praises and worship session of the morning service" I am very sure we have all questioned the behaviour of our fellow brothers after they displayed two different ones.

Anyway, first of all, I agree we are all human and as my friend will always argue, the devil is at work but sometimes I think it is actually the "other side" of us. Simple and short, we all have skeletons in our closet. I don't want to talk about the arguement which says "its the devil" but let us clear our closet and take away the skeletons in there. Remember God testified about Job to the devil that there is no one perfect on earth like him[Job]. To me, God has searched through Jobs closet and He found no skeleton. There is nothing Job was hiding from the sight of God. Some of us are not open to our fellow men, we do hide things from our brothers and sisters, we hide things from our wifes and husbands, we do things in secret. What is it that you are hiding in that closet of yours? You can't hide it forever. Some of us are soo nice to people outside but when we get to our homes, its a different issue. What is it that is hanging in your closet that you are aware its not good but is not ready to let go? You may be hanging anger, disrespect, theft and a whole lot of things. All of these you don't do in public except when you are alone, when no one is watching. When you are outside, people use you as a reference but when you are alone, you know yourself you don't deserve that reference position. Why can't you simply display the same attitude, character etc that you display outside? Why can't you create that same sound environment you do create in town for others at home for your children, wifes, husbands parents etc? It is not being at church always but what you do when you put the Bible down is what am talking about. It is not what you do when your boss or manager is around but what you do or say in his or her absence is what am talking about and definately its not what you write on your blog that matters or what you do when you are behind the computer in the office with everyone around that matters but what you do with the computer alone in a room etc is what am talking about.

Our closets need a clean up, a shake up and a complete restructuring plan because they are simply "ditty". What we do in the open for others to see doesn't matter my brother, sister, father and my sweet mother, what we do when no one is watching is what matters.
God looks in the heart and not the outward appearance[Ist Samuuel 16:7]. The heart is your closet. What you plan or have in there no one knows and God is interested in that.
What do we have in our closet? Are our closets clean enough? Will people be happy with what we do in secret? Do you have skeletons in there?

God have mercy .


  1. What a great post!!! Such a great motivator. Enjoyed your blog. God bless you.

  2. Neat post! So true - we all do have skeletons in our closets... and we often forget that God is omniscient. This post indirectly discusses hypocrisy - which is something Jesus despises.
    God bless!

    Oh and by the way, I have four questions for you on my blog - if you'd like to answer them someday. There isn't any pressure.