Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Life indeed is interesting. Not all times are smooth and the same way definitely not all times are bad hence at every minute we have something to thank God for.

One thing we definitely need in life is to pray to let the sun stand still on our lives. Look at the sun very well and you will notice that first, it gives light. Thinking through the book of Joshua and after listening to the hymn "Jesus Shall Reign where'ere the sun", I concluded that indeed there are some things man cannot do in the evening. You can bear with me that humans are so limited. We are limited in so many ways. Reading Joshua 10:1-15, we saw how Joshua on the day the Lord gave the Armorites over to the people of Israel prayed for the sun to stand still. Joshua saw that when the sun goes down, there wouldn't be any light to locate the enemies. The fighters of Israel will therefore start fighting against each other heance he prayed forthe sun to stand still. God created heaven and earth as well as day and night but on that day He made the day rule over the night. The enemy loves darkness, yes. It tries to flourish in darkness. I am beginning to feel and think that maybe the Armorites would have either run away etc but Joshua saw the need to ask the controller of the Sun to make it stand still till victory is won.

Its time men start praying to God to let the sun rise and set no more. We ought to either change our prayer topics or add some to it. We need to pray till there is peace in our countries. You and I need to be the sun on our families, our schools, work places, neighborhood, marriages and relationships. Life people say is a battle but I think they are preparations God want us to go through for a better tomorrow. We therefore need to be strong and pray without ceasing. Pray and stand still till the battle is won and till every enemy is destroyed.

When the sun continue to stand still, you are able to locate the enemy in its hiding place. You are able to take control and fight victoriously because the enemy hates light. Its so sweet when the sun rises and sets no more over our lives, marriages, education, finances etc.
When it matters most, when we call on God, when we trust our ways to Him and walk with Him, He is able to do all things exceedingly above what we think off. When the sun stands still in your life, you keep fighting on. While Joshua’s men were fighting, Joshua
prayed to God. He asked God to make the sun stand still until they had won the victory.
Believe it or not, God made the sun stop in the middle of the day and delayed it going
down about a full day.
God listened to Joshua and granted his prayer request. Now remember that Joshua had
recently done wrong. However, God has heard Joshua ask for forgiveness and God erased
the sin. Joshua learned his lesson from his mistake. He talked and listened to God and did
what He wanted.
Stand still and fight till victory is won.

Let us pray, let us hold on, let us keep the faith, let us pray the sun stands still on our jobs, marriages, relationships, works, christian life, families, countries etc.

Stay blessed.

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