Monday, August 09, 2010

IN ALL THINGS, .........................

I actually wanted to post this update on friday but it was late to do so. I know many of you my dear readers will be waiting this morning to read something or view pictures about the show that would have brought me much joy over the weekend.

Unfortunately, am sad to inform you that due to flight problems, CeCe Winans could not make it to Ghana as earlier on announced. I know some might have heard it already but if you have not, then this is the reason I will not be able to get you any thing on CeCe. We were expecting her on friday evening but that wasn't meant to be. The event has been re-scheduled for another day and we look forward to that.

As the Bible said, in all things, we are encouraged to give thanks to God hence please lets put away the disappointment and say THANK YOU to God for He knows best.

Stay blessed and have a fruitful week.

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