Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Okay, agreed and accepted in good faith. The CeCe Winans issue is gone and we only wait and pray the organizers put things together and fix a new date because we can't wait!!!

I want to ask a question here please. There are so many great men and women in the Bible with wonderful stories about their life styles and their encounter with God. From Daniel through Joseph, Sampson, Paul, David, Solomon, Abraham, Sarah, Racheal, Naomi, Ruth etc. I want to know; WHO IS YOUR BIBLICAL MENTOR AND WHY? Who in the Bible lead a life style which you recommend or like? I was discussing it in the office the other day I was amazed at the answers that came out. I know the life of Jesus Christ is second to none but aside Jesus, who made it to your list and why? Talking from his or her calling, his or her rise or fall in christianity, problems he or she faced and how he or she attacked or faced it.

Let me know your thoughts.


  1. There are so many great men in the Bible but I think I will go for Daniel as a mentor in the Bible. He was someone I think stood for by his word or belief. Example, he knows he has a God and never bowed to the image, he was brave in the lions pit etc. He really knew he had a God and he stood by that with faith.

  2. All of them would be great mentors. But for me personally, it would have to be David. He is a "man after God's own heart." Sure, he made plenty of mistakes - but he was honest and sincere. He knew where to go in times of trouble. Reading his songs just bring comfort to me - I really can relate to many of the things he wrote in the book of Psalms. Great question!