Friday, June 18, 2010


Yes, the one tenth factor in our lives as christians these days. It is becoming difficult but faithfully doing it you will reap the results there off. Imagine a widow earning a little at the end of the month to cater for herself and her four children all in college with bills etc at the coner and you are telling her to practice the one tenth factor.

People have different views concerning when and how much should be paid as tithes. Some say it should be paid just when the money is received whiles others say it should be paid after all taxes etc have been deducted but no matter what the case is, the one tenth factor has to be met. Make the payment of this amount a habit and easy. I see it this way;

Firstly, see the payment as an INSURANCE contribution. Supprise huh? Don't be because after all, the best person to insure yourself, family and all belongings with is Jesus Christ. See Him as your insurance company which you must pay one tenth of your monthly salary or income to every month to renew the agreement.

Secondly, just see the payment of tithe as a form of savings which you do. If you find it difficult to pay, simply see it as a form of savings which you are doing towards your own future or the future of your children. At the end of every month, you save one tenth of your income. Its simple. After all, we are not to store up our treasures on earth but in Heaven.

The last one does not matter but you see it as paying God for looking after you through the month and all the good things he gave you and your family. After all, if it was a human being providing us with air to breath and life and we were to pay him one tenth of our salary or income at the end of every month, some of us would have paid in advance.

See tithe paying as any of the above and you will not be thinking when paying. Have you seen someone who used to work, earn little and was unable to save anything but is still living a good life? Have you asked yourself why and how? He paid his or her tithe and God is repaying him or her when he or she was in need. God does not need our money and He loves a chearful giver. Silver and Gold belongs to Him so why worry? I tell you, the results are just great but one thing, if you will do it, please do it faithfully. You can't cheat God so please don't try it. Do you remember Ananias and Sapphira in the Bible? Read Acts 5 chapter 1 to 11.

Do it faithfully and you will never regret it.
Have a blessed weekend, thanks for passing by to read and stay blessed.

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