Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Its been some weeks now since I had a post in midweek. All my post comes only during the weekend.
Anyway, there is nothing wrong and I am very fine. Just a little busy in the office but things are going on well as God had directed and purposed.

Its been raining almost all day in some parts of my country, Ghana making the day very dull but I think its just a practical experience of what is written in Ecclesiastes chapter 3 vrs 1-9 which talks about a season or a time for everything under the sun. Gods ways are not the ways of man.
God knows best and we only have to learn and understand His ways.

I strongly believe you are also doing great by Gods Grace. God bless and be with us all and please don't miss the coming weekend special as I will be talking about .................

Thanks for passing by. Stay blessed


  1. your post reminds me of the song: "I'll praise You in this Storm" by Casting Crowns. Sometimes storms are dull, but those storms are necessary for the beautiful things that come afterward. You can take this literally, spiritually, or both! =D Be blessed!

  2. Thanks Godsgalnj. I will take it both literally and spiritually because there are lessons to be learnt from your comment in all aspects and it sounds encouraging.
    Be blessed!!