Thursday, June 10, 2010


This weeks weekend special comes a day earlier because I will be out office on Friday.

We always say we are running the race of life but life is actually not a race. Life to me is like a book. We read it page by page. You can not live on Monday and straight away live Thursday without living Tuesday and Wednesday. The same way you must start from page one of any book to the last page.
Life is not a rush. Each page of a book has its own unique page number and contents same as each day has its own unique lessons to teach us. The difference is that with a book, you can flip the page and read the next page but you can not flip the day. You must live the current one to the fullest.

This brings about "FAITH". A friend describes faith as " taking the steps without even seeing the stircase" . It is you flying when you have no wings. Yes. It is well when even the current situation seems to be the worst. And one thing, its not just saying it but you holding on to it and taking a step towards it. That is faith. It is a practical thing. And I tell you with faith, you can live Thursday from Monday without living Teusday and Wednesday.
A fellow worker said if he should wake up one day to hear on the news that a body believed to be the body of Jesus Christ has been found, he will end up killing himself. People will laugh at him and he will be left with nothing to hold on to.

That is it. Believing in God for a brighter future and a well prepared tomorrow without even seeing Him. Life is not a rush. To me, it is keeping the faith and living it day by day.
Have a blessed and a wonderful weekend

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